Nevada School Shooting: Suspect “Neutralized”

By: Amanda Crum - October 21, 2013

A middle school in northern Nevada is closed today after reports of a shooting came flooding in; police say a suspect has been “neutralized”, but have not released any details yet concerning who was shot or how many injuries there are.

Parents have been urged to stay away from Sparks Middle School as it is an active crime scene; students have been evacuated from the middle school and adjascent Agnes Risley Elementary to Sparks High School, where they can be picked up.

School shootings have become more and more common since the Columbine tragedy, and although many schools have put safety measures in place–such as metal detectors and on-site security–the violence hasn’t seen an end. Last December, 26 people were killed when Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut and opened fire. Since then, the parents and families of the victims have called for stricter gun laws, particularly on assault weapons, but it is still a hot issue for most states.

The Sparks shooting is still being updated; we will release new information as soon as it is available.

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  • Makes Me Wonder

    I wonder if we will see more crisis actors at this shooting. After viewing the Sandy Hook helicopter footage (go out to YouTube and search on: Sandy Hook Video That Was Removed), I have questions about the rash of school shootings we have been having.

    When I saw the raw helicopter footage, I was amazed. What we were being told was going on was not the case at all. I guess it could be a fake video, but it would really be hard to fake helicopter footage of a school.

    After the Jessica Lynch story, the Pat Tillman Story, WMDs, the Gulf of Tonken incident and many others, I would not put anything past those in power and it is clear that the government wants our guns.

    Look for yourself. I am not an expert. I just know what the media told us and the pictures from Sandy Hook do not support each other.

  • JL

    When I pulled up the video, I must admit I have questions too. How does a “tribute video” end up on the internet a month before the event even happens? How does a school nurse say that Adam Lanza’s mom was a dedicated, kind teacher that worked there for years — but in reality, Adam Lanza’s mother never worked there? That school was not that big and there is no way the nurse did not know the teaching staff.

    There are lots of weird and contradictory statements about the whole shooting scene. I don’t know either. All I know is that I am in my 40s. I went through school and there wasn’t one incident in the entire nation. We had guns back then. We had crazy people. Yet, for some reason, in the past two years, we have had more crazy incidents than in the last 60 years. In fact, if I am really brutally honest with myself —- this country has literally gone crazy since 9/11. It is like everything is out of control. Between the politicians, the shootings, the spying, the ever increasing cases of police brutality, the crazy people, the corruption, the ever increasing numbers of people being arrested for doing literally nothing — it seems like everything is just wrong in America.