Netscape Releases Beta Version Of Their Upcoming Browser

    March 4, 2005

There is something to be said about persistence. A never-say-die attitude can make a company continue to improve a product many perceived as being dead.

This is certainly the case of Netscape, who just announced the beta version of their new browser, version 8.0. Once left for dead, Netscape seems to be taking Firefox’s model (some aspects of 8.0 are built of Firefox’s architecture) and applying it thoroughly.

The most recognizable feature is tabbed browsing. This has been available on previous versions of Netscape, but drawing more attention to this web surfer favorite can only help. Other features include:

Site Controls
Netscape’s Site Controls allow the user to choose how much they trust a site. Just indicate how much you trust a web page, and Netscape Browser 8 will automatically set your security settings, and then remember those settings the next time your visit that site.

The Multibar condenses toolbars into single buttons, creating a more spacious, media-rich browser. Netscape’s new Multibar condenses multiple toolbars into single customizable buttons to reduce page clutter.

Form Fill/Passcard
Form Fill can store the standard information requested by so many sites – but only with user permission – and then automatically fill out the forms.

Passcard Manager securely stores login information for preferred sites with the latest encryption technology.

Live Content
With Live Content, users can view various headlines from a small window on their browser and expand it to get the full story without having to visit multiple sites. Get the day’s headlines, money, sports, and entertainment news all without leaving the browser toolbar.

Another area Netscape is concentrating on is including more security options for potential users. Netscape is committed to offering a secure browser, something that has plagued Internet Explorer’s reputation. Currently, the Netscape Browser 8.0 is only available to the Windows environment.

Download the beta version here.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.