Netrank To Manage Anglian’s SEO

    September 7, 2007

After watching “This Old House” and “The New Yankee Workshop” for a couple of seasons, I’ve developed a tremendous amount of respect for handy people.  That makes me inclined to like Netrank, too, since Anglian Home Improvements just selected the company to handle its SEO.

Anglian’s a British brand, and as just about every page on its site states, it’s been “[e]stablished since 1966.”  The company also speaks of “an annual turnover of £300 million,” or about $606 million – this isn’t a mom-and-pop operation.

Netrank may have a fair amount of work ahead of it, then (in terms of quantity), and the company has already developed a plan of attack.  “Netrank will undertake an SEO audit of to identify how the site can be developed to perform more effectively in search engines.  Netrank will also use its product Linkscape to map the online landscape for Anglian,” according to a press release.

“This product will help Anglian discover which sites it should engage with in order to increase the number of customers and build the reputation of the company,” the release continues.  “Through Linkscape, Netrank can identify DIY networks, online publications and home improvement communities which Anglian will target as part of their online PR activities.”

That seems like a reasonable approach, and, indeed, one that anyone hoping to perform a little SEO might do well to mimic.  If you hadn’t heard of Anglian before today, keep an eye out for the company in coming months – that may be as good a way as any to judge the success of this arrangement.