Netflix’s ‘The Killing’ Season 4 (The Final Season) Adds Oscar-Nominated Actress

    January 17, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Even as Netflix is getting a shot at its first Oscar thanks to the nomination of its documentary The Square, Oscar-nominated actress Joan Allen is reportedly joining the cast of The Killing for its fourth and final season.

According to TVLine, Allen will head an all-boys military academy based outside of Seattle, and figures into Holder and Linden’s investigation.

Allen has been nominated for three Academy Awards in the past: Best Supporting Actress for Nixon and The Crucible in ’95 and ’96 respectively and Best Actress for The Contender in 2000.

Netflix added the third season of The Killing to its service two months ago.

Shortly thereafter, the company announced that it had ordered a final season of the show from Fox Television studios to offer it exclusively to its streaming customers after AMC canceled it. This was actually the second time AMC had canceled it, and Netflix was involved with saving it the first time as well, though the third season still aired on AMC. The point of Netflix doing this is that the shows it offers are more valuable if they have conclusions because people are more likely to watch them.

The final season of The Killing will only be six episodes, but should offer some kind of closure.

Image via Netflix

  • Shellin

    I would follow more seasons of the killing! Amazing hairpin turns, acting, suspense! Wish Netflix would offer more than one more season.

  • charisma

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t give continuity to such an amazing series. I have seen enough of Crime Scene stories but this one takes the crown. Spine chilling suspense keeps us audiences at the edges of our seats. My whole family is a fan of the series . And the actors are more realistic and believable than most others out there. For audiences like us who are tired of watching the same old plots, I bet there are so many more of us out there , please give us some justice and produce more seasons of the killing. 3 Cheers to the team of the killing !!