Netflix Looks to Facebook Connect to Engage Users

    March 24, 2009
    Chris Crum

Netflix announced today that it is integrating with Facebook Connect. Users now have the option to post movies they’ve rated in their Facebook profiles.

"Movies make for great conversations," says Netflix vice president of product management Gibson Biddle. "By integrating with Facebook Connect, Netflix members can now share their movie-watching experiences even more easily than before, allowing for greater exchange of movie recommendations with their friends."

Facebook Connect Comes to Netflix

When a Netflix member rates a movie, the rating will be posted on their Facebook profile and shared with the member’s friends if the Netflix member has enabled Facebook Connect. The feature encourages conversation among friends about the films. Movie rating posts on Facebook will also link back to the correlating movie page at Netflix, enabling Facebook users to learn more about a specific movie and allowing Netflix members to easily add the movie to their own Queues.

"Netflix is a clear leader in bringing innovation to renting, viewing and engaging around movies," said Ethan Beard, director of platform marketing, Facebook. "We think the social features in Facebook Connect provide a tremendous opportunity for Netflix subscribers to share their thoughts and feelings on movies with their friends in the Netflix community and with Facebook’s more than 175 million active users."

In other Netflix news, Netflix says they’re "not throttling streaming," and Gizmodo says Netflix pays six cents to stream you a movie.