Netflix Gives Android Users WiFi-Only Option

    September 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Netflix just launched the ability stream content on Wi-Fi networks only from Android devices. In a brief post to the Netflix US & Canada blog, director of product management, Roma De, wrote:

We know many of you love to watch Netflix on your Android smartphones and tablets. We just launched a new feature where you can select to playback on Wi-Fi networks only. This means that while you can search, browse and enjoy all aspects of the Netflix app on a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, you can choose (via a “Settings” feature) to playback on Wi-Fi networks only. Download the new Netflix app and enjoy Netflix!

Netflix launched a similar feature in an iOS update back in May. Android has always been further behind when it comes to Netflix, but things have certainly improved in that regard over the past year or so.

  • Patrick

    As you can see from the growing number of comments on the Google Play website Netflix update has rendered Netflix unusable for more of us than it has helped. I’ll conceived and poorly tested. Another Netflix mistake.

  • Wanda

    I can not access netflix, keep getting message setting wifi only. How do I change this setting? I’ve gone through all the settings on my device…..HELP!

    • Willow

      I found it.
      scroll all the way to the bottom of netflix selections and there is an account button, if you click there you will see wifi only where you can uncheck the feature.