Netflix Gets More Personal

    March 27, 2009
    Chris Crum

Netflix recently started integrating Facebook Connect into its site, allowing the service to get more social with people sharing movie ratings, and things of that nature. Now Netflix has announced some changes to its site in general that will give it a more personalized feeling all around.

The company has announced three new features that while not available to everyone just yet, are expected to be rolled out to the masses within the next week. Director of Product Management Todd Yellin explains the new features on the Netflix Blog.


Taste Preferences

This is a feature that lets users set their movie tastes in rather specific ways – by mood, storyline, etc. Yellin gives the examples of moods like "feel-good," "dark," "goofy," and "gritty." He mentions storylines like "courtroom," "dinosaurs," and "mid-life crisis." He says there is a new, easier, three-button system.

More Personalized Homepages

Site and Watch Instantly homepages will reflect both a member’s expressed taste preferences as well as recent activity like rentals, instant watching, queue additions, and ratings. "This results in a regularly refreshed set of personalized genres that combine various categories a user has shown an interest," says Yellin.

Customized Browsing

When members click on personalized genres they’ll  see relevant movies and shows, as well as a way to mix and match other categories to create new combinations. Yellin says members find this feature to be good for finding titles that are available to watch instantly.

From what I gather, these changes are all being made to improve the user experience in terms of movie discovery. This has already long been my favorite aspect of the service as a user, and if this element is made better, I’m definitely on board. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes when they roll out.