Netflix Creates New Interface For Users


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Do you love watching movies and television shows on Netflix? Well get ready for some big changes to the interface that should make it easier and more enjoyable to use. These changes didn't just come out of nowhere, Netflix has been developing and testing the new interface for over a year.

The new design will make it easier for users to search for their favorite movies and television shows and offers a better visual experience. Instead of only being able to search the database by movie title or genre, Netflix members can search by movie titles, actors and directors and will find that each movie option displayed will have a clear description of the film or show selected. Netflix hopes that the new design will make it easier for members to find what they want to watch and be able to make their selection much faster.

“We want discovery to be richer,” said Chris Jaffee, vice president of product innovation at Netflix. “I knew one of my personal frustrations was I felt like today’s Netflix experience didn’t give me enough reasons why I should watch this versus that.”

The new interface also offers users a more personal experience by giving each member in a household their own profile. Users can select their favorite movies, show and genres and rate them. Children may find the new design easier to use as well thanks to color coded kids labels and a new kids zone that will feature movies and shows that are age appropriate.

If the new interface seems like something you can't wait to try, don't worry because the update will be released soon. Users can expect to find the new design available as soon as November 13.

Image from Netflix.