Net Video Measurements Gaining Interest

    September 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Wild West atmosphere of online video has settled down greatly, but it’s about 18 months away from a point where the demand for better measurement of video viewing reaches critical mass.

Although Robert Seidman’s TVbytheNumbers looks at television and comments on such events as the Bill O’Reilly versus Keith Olbermann dramatics, it won’t be long before online video measurements reach a point before they merit similar attention.

We talked to Seidman about his site, and the panel of tech savvy people he featured discussing online video.

People like Ted Leonsis and Mark Cuban cited some of the challenges associated with coming to grips with Internet videos and their viewership:

Ted Leonsis: Measurement of any new medium is difficult, but it is especially so in a hyper-growth market like internet video. Internet video has a variety of challenges when it comes to measurement, the biggest of which is measuring the relative value of one video over another.

Mark Cuban: Defining unique users and getting streamers to release information to 3rd parties. It