Net Neutrality Sponsored By Verizon?

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The folks at SavetheInternet.com Coalition should be happy, as they have won two Webby Awards. One for their grassroots campaign to protect Net Neutrality and the other for a video about Net Neutrality. The Webby awards are sponsored in part by phone behemoth Verizon Communications, an irony since they are not friends of the net neutrality movement.

Net Neutrality Sponsored By Verizon?
Net Neutrality Sponsored By Verizon?
Net Neutrality Sponsored By Verizon?

"This vote for SavetheInternet.com is also a vote for the millions of Americans who came online and took action last year to stop phone and cable companies from seizing control of our freedom of choice on the Internet," said Timothy Karr, campaign director of Free Press, the nonpartisan group that coordinates the SavetheInternet.com Coalition.

"While we’re honored to be recognized for this important work, the fight for Net Neutrality is far from over."

SavetheInternet will be awarded their Webby’s in New York City on June 5. They will receive an award for "Best Activism Web site" and one for "Best Public Service Video" for their "Save the Internet: Independence Day" video.

Both awards are in the category of "People’s Voice", where winners were chosen by votes from around the world.

"Thanks to the efforts of this broad coalition, the issue of Net Neutrality has moved from an obscure technical topic to become the most hotly debated issue concerning the Internet today," said Matt Thompson, director of SavetheInternet.com’s Independence Day video.

"This isn’t just a technical issue involving large companies; it speaks to the democratic values that are at the heart of the American dream."

Net Neutrality Sponsored By Verizon?
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  • HandsOffPlease

    The fact remains that internet regulations such as net neutrality would essentially freeze innovation.

    Save the Internet has done a good job of scaring people into supporting a backwards solution to a non-existent problem whereas my organization, Hands Off the Internet, supports strengthening our internet’s infrastructure readying it for tomorrow’s technology.

    The Register understands this: “A ‘neutral’ net ensures there’s one slow lane for everyone; that’s something the net’s most distinguished engineers – including Robert Kahn – think is insane.”

    • Jason Lee Miller

      They say you can’t bs a bs’er, which is why i’m extra good at spotting my own kind.

      Is "HandsOffPlease" Ed Whitacre from AT&T? You old prankster you!  You tipped your hand when you said "my organization," that was an unfortunate slip. But that’s okay, I like to pretend I’m somebody else too sometimes.

      You know, like when telcos pretend to be a grassroots organization against Net Neutrality.

      That was hysterical, by the way, a real best-of-class BS move. Congrats, because I’m really hard to impress.

      I especially like how you create diversions by accusing the opposing side of being heavily corporation-funded fear mongers with hidden agendas that will end the Internet as we know it, and cause death and economic depression everywhere.

      Bloody brilliant smear, and takes the sky-is-falling approach to a whole new level, especially when you’re both pot and kettle but are able to slick-tongue yourself out of the spotlight for a minute.

      But the coolest part of you skillful BS was when the telcos said they wanted to be able to create a tiered Internet toll-way system (you know, the same way cable companies gave us great choices of programming for very little money and the wireless carriers gave customers really fair rates and never gouged the customer at all — wow, the bs is so good I almost believed myself) but then acted you like you never said that. Remember that? That was awesome.

      Ooh, I almost fogot about that slick move where Congress gave the telcos $200 billion to build out the broadband infrastructure but spent it on long distance services instead. Cuz really, it’s no big deal that the US is something like 15th in the world in broadband and last-mile-fiber, cuz as far as the average Joe customer knows, the speeds we have are as good as they can currently get.

      So stick it to em again, they’ll never know. Especially if you distract them from all that noise in the SaveTheInternet.com camp.

      Really, really awesome BS. Thanks for enlightening.



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