Nelson Mandela Not Vegetative, Says South Africa

    July 5, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Though former South African president Nelson Mandela is almost certainly nearing death, the exact state of his health is now becoming the subject of scrutiny and rumor. Earlier this week, Mandela’s relatives filed court documents over a family disagreement about where Mandela will be buried. The documents stated that Mandela is in a vegetative state, though the wording was later changed to only state the civil rights leader is being “assisted in breathing by a life support machine.”

To clear things up, South African President Jacob Zuma this week issued an official statement on Mandela’s health. Zuma visited Mandela in a Pretoria hospital on July 4 and reported that Mandela is in “critical, but stable condition.” He also emphasized that Mandela’s doctors deny he is in a vegetative state. Mandela is receiving round-the-clock care from medical experts. From Zuma’s statement:

Former President Mandela has been and remains under the care of a multi-disciplinary panel of South African medical experts drawn from the South Africa Military Health Services, the public sector, the universities and the private sector. Under this panel a team of doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health professionals attend to Madiba on a 24 hour basis.

  • http://www.southafricanewstoday.com Delia Ann Kennedy

    The mainstream media supposes that South Africans have an enormous respect for the old man Nelson Mandela and his family. That is wrong. The South African public is not stupid and many people are waking up to the facts about Nelson Mandela’s violent past, his political perfidy, his legacy of a rapidly deteriorating South Africa under the ANC and the rapacious and downright immoral nature of his ex-wife, Winnie, and his children and grandchildren. While South Africa still has a free press the news is going to get worse as the truth about the Mandela clan emerges in all its gory detail.