Neko Case Did A "Tiny Desk Concert" In A Gorilla Suit

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Neko Case has a staggering talent. The writer/musician counts some pretty loyal people among her fans, because we all know how hard she works just so we can listen to her describe how we're feeling at any given moment. It's like she's psychic, and her music reaches us at just the right moment in our lives.

Aside from all that, she's also just hilarious. While her music speaks of grave topics like the pain of losing someone--"anti-love songs", she calls them--or of realizing too late what should have been done, she doesn't take herself too seriously. Her sense of humor and vaguely sarcastic take on life and other people is evident in both her own songs and the ones she chooses to cover.

It's also evident in the Halloween concert she gave NPR for their "Tiny Desk" series, when she dressed up in a gorilla suit to share her velvety voice with the world. Take a look.

Image: NPR

Amanda Crum
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