Nielsen//NetRatings, Mediamark Partner

    July 31, 2007

Nielsen//NetRatings and Mediamark Research have launched a single source database of consumer’s off-line and online media usage.

Print media with related Web sites have a net audience estimate for both platforms and demographic, psychographic and product usage information for users of both platforms.

The two companies used a fusion process to link information from their two separate media tracking services to create a single database, called Net//MRI.

Net//MRI links data from NetView, Neilsen//NetRating’s Internet audience measurement service with data from MRI’s survey of the American Consumer. Using metering technology and representative panels of Internet users, Nielsen//NetRatings collect and reports consumer Internet usage, including reach, frequency and time spent.

According to new data, an average of 83 percent of visitors to the Web sites of 23 major monthly magazines access the content only online. Male visitors to online magazine sites were likely to read only the online version.

"Technology and innovation continue to change the media landscape and today’s publishers and advertisers require a holistic view of their consumers," said Manish Bhatia, executive vice president, NetRatings.

"We are delighted to be partnering with MRI to deliver this innovative dataset that reports online and off-line media usage and will help clients execute data-driven cross media plans."

The companies plan to release Net//MRI data monthly, after the release of Nielsen//NetRating’s monthly NetView data.