NCIS Season Premiere: What is Ziva’s Fate?

    September 26, 2013
    Shana Norris
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The much anticipated Season 11 of CBS police procedural drama NCIS started off with the death of one character and the preliminary farewell to another.

The episode aired on Tuesday night, and opened four months in the past. A bomb killed Secretary of the Navy Clay Jarvis, played by Matt Craven. Alan Dale’s character, Tom Morrow, who’s been around since the show’s inception, was seriously injured in the blast.

And then there’s Ziva. We’ve known since July that the fiesty, beloved character played by Cote de Pablo would be leaving the show this season. Tuesday’s episode was the first of two in which viewers will bid the tough-talking former Mossad officer farewell. To the disappointment of many fans, while Ziva was a significant part of the story line Tuesday night, she didn’t actually make an appearance in the episode.

We now know that Ziva is the next target of the same terrorist group that killed Clay Jarvis, and she’s hiding out in Israel. Fans await her fate in next week’s “Past, Present, Future” episode.


There’s no denying that Ziva’s fans are a loyal bunch:

They’ve created a few Ziva-specific hashtags, a website, and a Facebook page aptly titled Operation Bring Back Cote.

Did you watch the Season 11 premiere? Do you think CBS will bring Ziva back due to popular demand?

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  • sgisenhower

    I will count the shows before Ziva gets back to Gibbs. don’t make us wait to long please

  • Dani

    I really hope she comes back to the show! Good job to those fans.

  • Jonah L

    Most shows would KILL for fans this passionate. good for them. I love Ziva, hope she comes back. The season premiere was a snooze.

  • navyvet

    I hated it when director Jenny(Lauren Holly) was killed in her last episode. I still watch those reruns plus movies she is in. I am thankful and very happy that Ziva(Cote DE Pablo)is going out alive, with a good chance she will be back. IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO REPLACE HER with anyone better looking than her and as awesome character she plays. I will continue to watch NCIS, because it is still the best show on TV

  • Wenn

    I thought I would be able to watch the show without Ziva/Cote, because there is hope she will be back. But then I saw the press release for the 3rd episode of S11 and her name wasn’t on the cast list and it made me sob. I fell in love with this show because of Ziva/Cote, both character as actress have been a huge roll model for me, the stories that Ziva has brought and her way of dealing with things has helped me get through things I was going through myself.
    Not only NCIS will loose her, but TV in general will loose one of the (if not THE) best, most interesting and well defined female character on TV today. Cote will leave a huge gap and in my opinion, no one will be able to fill it.

  • http://yahoo.com ez4u2say

    i guess i’m alone in thinking ziva was not the show …pleeeeze… she is not the type of character who inspires the american way of thinking. an israeli militant is so passe.

    • http://Facebook Theresa.Platt

      Hopefully they will be able to bring her back.No she doesn’t make the show but just as CSI Las Vegas has never been the same without Gil.
      NCIS will not be the same without Ziva. I probably won’t watch it much like I haven’t watched CSI since he left.

  • John powers


    • http://att Jeannine Denning

      Oh, for heaven’s sake, get over it.

  • Sharron Lucy

    Due to medical concerns I will not be moving in the near future.