NCAA Tournament Coverage – Poor Usability

    March 16, 2007

Why is it so difficult for me to get coverage of the college basketball tournament while I’m at work?

After navigating the mess at to try to watch the games over the live internet feed, (they make it almost impossible to find the link for to watch the games live.) I’ve come to find out that the video for whatever reason doesn’t even work on my Linux box, not to mention crashed my browser several times. I’ve also heard a friend say he can’t get the video working on Firefox either for Windows. He had to use Internet Explorer. HELLO? I wasn’t even aware people still used Internet Explorer.


So failing this course of action I figured maybe I could get a live scoreboard from somewhere. I figured ESPN would have some kind of live updated scoreboard for the tournament. It took me about 3 years to find the link. Then every time I closed out and tried to find it again, I could never remember how I accessed it the first time. I’ve hated ESPN’s website for years, but this really annoys me.


I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the two links in question with a red outline in the screen shots. You still may not be able to see them. I realize there is a lot of news to display along with video and audio on these two sites, but come on guys can’t we do any better than this? How we me make a special section just for March Madness?