NBC: Robin Roberts Tweet From Ann Curry Prevented

    March 26, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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The drama surrounding the Today Show and Ann Curry‘s unceremonious departure from the daytime TV show simply will not die down.

Earlier this week, New York Magazine published a long expose of the situation at the Today Show leading up to Curry’s firing and the aftermath. While Matt Lauer was courting ABC as a contract negotiation technique, Curry was fighting for her anchor position.

After Curry’s tearful goodbye, the Today Show tanked in the ratings. The show was overtaken by Good Morning America, which was enthralling viewers with coverage of anchor Robin Robert’s battle with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

It seems that NBC executives worried about the impact Curry could have on daytime TV ratings even weeks after she left the show. The New York magazine report states that when Roberts left Good Morning America, Curry wanted to tweet her a “note of sympathy.” The idea was shot down by NBC.

It’s unfortunate that Curry felt she needed to clear a heartfelt tweet with the public relations department at NBC. However, the incident is a rare look inside the carefully controlled battleground that TV networks call morning news programs.

  • Betty Parsons

    I think this is very childish immature behavior for someone to say you aren’t allowed to wish someone well. Ann is a caring and wonderfull person and should not be punished for showing compassion for anyone.

    • Sheila Sloan

      Who is Samantha? Are the comments referring to Savannah, the woman who was brought in to “fill” the co-anchor spot? Ann is a top notch journalist and a caring and beautiful person. She was too mature and too professional to be coy and flirtatious, which is apparently what Matt needs to sustain his ego. I watch the news on my local NBC affiliate and then change the channels.
      I am an Ann Fan.

      • Mike xavier

        Sheila, finally, someone thought through what they needed to say before responding. Thanks for the correction. People, you don’t need to be first, it would be nice if you responded slow to be accurate.

      • Donna Chaffer

        I agree with these comments. I have stopped watching The Today Show when Ann was given the boot and young and coy Savannah G was given her job. I cried right along with Ann, I couldn’t believe that her employers for over 15 years would treat her that way. I agree. I think that Matt needed someone more flirtatious to play off of and that Ann was too professional and mature to stoop so low. I remember when Jane Pauley was rudely replaced years ago by Debra Norvell, so it doesn’t surprise me that NBC hasn’t learned their lesson. I’m sure Meredith Vierra is glad to no longer be a part of this lousy network. What cowards they are to not allow Ann to go somewhere where her talents are appreciated. I am a big fan and will follow her.

  • Jack Holden

    Samantha obviously has a “relationship” with someone in “uppermanagemet” @ NBC. She is the root of the problem. Matt needs to go as well. Let’s hope that they don’t screw up on the next group.

  • Denise

    If I had been Ann Curry I would tell NBC to shove their job where the sun don’t shire !

  • http://msn.com Karen A.

    You know I see this more and more. Companys you work for want to rule your life even after you go home. You cant this cant that, no compete clauses to sign. Now CVS even says you have to put your weight on your application to be hired. Cant smoke on property, have to take shots to work here. I am not sure where it stops. But telling people not to be comforting gives you another sign to where companys are going with policy’s. Employees are loosing the battle with laws that protect them from the employer… Its Wrong.

  • http://Yahoo James Adkins

    We didn’t like Mat Lower anyway so when Ann left we really didn’t wach them anymore. Samantha had something to do with Ann leaving.Ann is a lovely person and didn’t deserve to be fired the way she was. Lets fire Mat ans Samentha and get Ann back and we will watch her again.

  • JMK


  • Elva

    I not longer watch today news just to see Matt Lauer face made me feel that he ruin my day! NBC needs to let go Ann Curry even if she still is under contract she needs to continue working for somebody else.
    Nasty people this days are professionals?

  • The Dog

    How many people actually like Matt Lauer? He is the reason why I don’t even watch the show.
    He is weird looking and acts like a total a-hole.

  • http://WebProNews Catherine Percell

    I have never cared for Matt Lauer, and now it is clear to me…I think Matt only cares about HIMSELF. I also think he is one of those males that is uncomfortable around talented, intelligent, and successful women. We have all experienced those “types” haven’t we?

    NBC should fire Matt and rehire Ann Curry. I might just watch NBC’s morning news if the management somehow realized it is 2013.

  • RitaO

    I quit watching Today years ago when Matt first joined. I am a big GMA fan and they slipped into number 1 because of the winning team with Robin and George not because they didn’t like Ann. Until Matt is gone, Today will never again be number 1.

  • Barbara in VA

    It’s a real shame that the HIGHER HEADS at these Media Networks are so callous that they “FORBID” someone from sending a “Best Wishes” to a former employee???!!!! YO Ann, just go to Robin’s Facebook page and tell her there! There’s always a way to circumvent those morons upstairs! Best to all!

  • Maria Loez

    I can’t understand these rivalries, it is so stupid to fight for any of this or anything else. Each channel hast its own viewers, and giving someone no matter who a set of nice words for whatever reason is not a motive to block or prevent someone from saying it, first of all we are humans and should have feelings for others even if they are not family or coworkers. I don’t care for either of the channels, yes for those who work there, to me both are two frivolous, talking about other people’s lives and sometimes even putting them in shame. There are more important issues to be discusses and daily things to worry about than just fighting and gossiping. I don’t watch any of the two because I think they provide any growth to my life or spirit.

  • Maria Loez

    it should read they don’t provide any growth…….

  • Josie

    I didn’t like the way Ann Curry did interviews. I stopped watching Today after Katie C. left. Ann C. never let the person interviewed get a word in edgewise. She wouldn’t just shut up. Apparently, this is still a problem for her.

    • Jimmie

      I always was a Today show fan. However not a Ann Curry fan. She never allowed the people she was interviewing to talk as though the interview was about her. I was’nt sad when she left, but how it was handled was aweful.

  • dave

    Matt lower is a self centered egotesticle b—–d,if NBC really wanted
    the ratings they would can him save themselves 25,000.00 dollars
    and save face. Ann Curry was way to intellegent for Matt Lower.

  • http://yahoo.com Danny M Lucas

    Matt is so boreing. Old news.

  • Richard Carr

    When they let Ann Curry go, I stopped watching the Today Show. Matt Lauer is a selfish man. He could not handle working with a FINE and SEXY woman like Ann. She you will make it anywhere she go. The Today Show rateing will continue to go down.

  • Carol Anderson

    I stopped watching this network when Katie shoved her way in. She is a vicious person who, like Matt, is self centered and pushy. They could not work together…not enough room on the set for both their egos. I gave up on people getting it a long time ago. You can fool some of the people all the time. I like Ann, and for them to hold her to her contract is so like them. I hope they are paying her.

    • Donna

      You are so right. Couric and Lauer came from the same bad egg!

  • Anybodysangel65

    NBC is like the WORSE NETWORK EVER… Sorry NBC, It had to be said. They are known for giving people the shaft and throwing blame on everyone else. David Letterman, Conan O’Brien… I dispise NBC and because they are rated the worse network, they are going after their celebs. BTW, The Today Show is just boring all together and NBC encourages the male hosts to be Big D-Bags. ABC, CBS & Fox RULES!!

  • B Bailey

    Matt is a DUD!!! The Today Show and NBC was once my favorite morning show and network. However, when they fired Ann, I turned over to FOX, the fair and balanced! Something NBC needs to seek more of. I really liked Ann…. she gave the show some wholesomeness. She brought stories to the forefront that others wouldn’t or haven’t provided. I enjoyed her in my home, she always came across with compassion, sincerity, qualities NBC execs need more of. I don’t know what group of people they are polling but if you want a quality viewer, be fair, truthful. Your reputation will continue to deteriorate, as it should, if you don’t see the light. People are really tired of all the lies mass media keeps dishing out!!

  • Rev. Raymond J Smithson

    Do you still have a radio,,,,?

  • Eydie Kurz

    Ann Curry was a great newsperson/anchor. Neither Matt or Samatha can compare to what Ann Curry is/was to NBC. NBC would be lucky to have her again. However, I feel she is too good for NBC. I stopped watching the Today show when Ann left. Personally I didn’t like Al, so Ann was the only person holding me there to watch the show. Where ever she goes, I will follow.

  • http://Yahoo.com Puddus

    I don;t ;like the show period….Matt is a brat..he is boring….over paid brat…

  • G. Edwards

    I lost all respect for NBC over the Ann Curry thing. Maybe we should boycott some of their advertisers and tell them why.

  • Sally

    I wish people would just lay off Matt Lauer. I think he’s one of the smartest and best interviewers on TV. It’s NBC that people should be enraged at. Any performer has a right at any time to look for another job, so why that would even be an issue is a mystery to me. Ann Curry appears to be a lovely person and a good newscaster, but she surely was not doing a great job as the host of Today. NBC was not wrong for making a change, no matter who wanted it or didn’t want it, what was wrong is the way they went about it.

  • kathy

    Matt Lauer is an egomaniac – I always watch GMA and have no respect for what goes on with Matt and all of his play pals…….

    Let Ann out of her contract and have her happily move on from the rubbish.

  • Lucille

    Is NBC reading these comments about Matt? All these viewers can’t be wrong! Do they care what the public thinks? Then why are people still watching NBC?

  • jean c.

    Any comments on Natalie? I think she would have been a much better co-host than Savannah.Dont know how she got in there. And I miss Ann also.I used to like Matt, but seems as he thinks he is above them all. Not one of them.

  • John B

    Ann,s last day was my last day watching TODAY..GMA is as interesting with no drama..guess a lot of others (2 million) agree!! :)

  • http://webpronews Bob Lefebvre

    It’s too bad Lauer thinks he can push people around,what goes around comes around,he will see.

  • Wendi

    I’ve watched the Today show since Bryant Gumbal. I used to like Matt. I really thought that Ann should have gotten the job when Katie left, before Maredith Veira. If they felt she wasn’t doing a good job and the rating were so bad, then they really went about this poorly. I watched poor Ann that day. That was my last day. I’ve now become a GMA fan. Today lost a 30 year viewer. It is really going to be hard for them to get back to #1. I hate to say it, but they need to dump Matt too in order to get there. Too many people don’t like what happened to Ann and blame him, his fault or not. To revamp the show, you need new people. I think Al needs to go too. Wipe everyone out and start from scratch.

  • http://yahoo Joe

    NBC is NOW Blocked

  • http://yahoo Joe

    NBC is now Blocked on TV

  • Pete Klukis

    They call it “Today” when it’s the same ole stuff each day. There is nothing new in the show other than a few faces that NBC thinks will do wonders. I was a GMA fan years ago and switched to Today as it was really a good show. Now I watch CBS’s Morning Show and Fox and CNN and enjoy that variety. I should have done the variety thing years ago. Perhaps Ann Curry will end up at one of those shows. That would be sweet. She eventually would be reporting on the ouster of Lauer and the bunch of NBC misfits and the end of Today.

  • Kay Litton

    Matt Lauer is an arrogant ass, in my opinion…..along with all the NBC execs…..they’ve cut their noses off to spie their own faces by their unfair and abusive treatment and subsequent replacement of Ann Curry. That old saying, “what goes around, comes around” definately applies to this situation.

    Good luck Ann and God bless you and yours. God bless America!

  • Jim Grimmer

    For a long time I have wanted a reason to stop watching Matt L., now I have one. Good Morning America is far and above The Today Show, with personalities, format and the people they have doing the show.

    Ann Curry will be a great asset to what ever show she is on.

  • Karen Oyer

    The Tin Man Lauer) needs a heart.