NBC Ready To Make ‘Heroes’ Of Web Programming

    July 10, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

When the mailman arrives on Monday, July 14, on the NBC website, he’ll find himself delivering a new ability in the debut of webisodes of the popular superpowered series.

No word on whether the cheerleader will need saving yet (we’ll guess not), but NBC has another bit of Heroes continuity ready for broadcast. Don’t look for your remote, unless you have a media center computer hooked to your big-screen TV.

Once the 14th rolls around on the July calendar, NBC will have Heroes fans eagerly hitting the Refresh button in their browsers at 3 pm EDT. That’s when the saga of Echo DeMille (Echo as a guy’s name, really?), ordinary mailman with an extraordinary power, begins.

NBC said in a statement the trio of web episodes should set them up perfectly for the third season of the series. The early look at a new character starts with him discovering his power, and winds its way through those three webisodes and on to the TV screen with the start of the new season.

That start arrives eight months after the second season’s completion. JackMyers.com said actor Kiko Ellsworth plays the mailman whose name hints at his power; he may need some vocal feedback on the web to carry his role into the conventionally broadcast series.