NBC Online Olympic Coverage Limited

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NBC will provide over 2,200 live hours of the Beijing Olympic Games for online viewing, along with live blogging, daily recaps, and 3,000 hours of highlights on demand.

NBC paid $3.5 billion to the International Olympics Committee to broadcast five Olympic Games through 2008. The event will only be available exclusively on NBCOlympics.com, with no other Web sites allowed to feature video from the Games online.

Some media outlets have been critical of NBC saying that it’s being stingy in enforcing its exclusivity to cover the games. Other television networks are allowed to broadcast limited Olympic highlights. The network is allowing video of some Olympic trials to be streamed on other Web sites, but each site has to link to NBCOlympics.com, and all of the video must be removed by August 7, the day before the Beijing Summer Games begin.

No events that are scheduled to be televised on NBC will be made available online until after they air on TV.

The Games will only be viewable online to Windows Vista users and will not stream on Mac, Linux or XP browsers. Events that are televised will be available online about 12 hours after they air. Real time viewing will only be available on television on the NBC network.

MSN will be promoted on NBCOlympics.com. The Olympics will also be prominently featured on MSN.com.

NBC Online Olympic Coverage Limited
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  • Guest

    I don’t know if this will reach the right personnel at NBC, but maybe you can help me.

    In the past all of us used to the metric system have been left in the dark concerning the Field sports. All track events are already metric. I estimate there must be at least 50 million potential viewers, who grew up with the metric system, and who don’t want to take 10 steps backwards by using the old English system.

    Therefore could you please arrange for NBC to include the metric measurement for all jumps and throws? It could look like 22.25 meters (72 feet 11-1/4"). Thanks for any help you can give us who have been neglected for much too long.

    Bengt Lorentzson


    • Lev


      I sent my letter to NBC after the last Olympics where I asked to show the Field results with the both systems: the metric and old English ones. They confirmed the receiving of my letter but didn’t clarify if they would take it into account.



      • Don

        Apparently not. :-(  I was quite disappointed in the exclusive use of the old system again this year.  I kept a calculator by the couch so I could figure what should have been apparent in the coverage.

        The athletes compete in metric units.  They throw, jump, run, and otherwise compare themselves to metric measurements.  Why do we have to be given the old stuff exclusively?  It would be just as easy to give both units.  Take a lead from VERSUS in their coverage of international cycling events.

        By the way, I’m American and I grew up with English units, but I’d actually prefer to see the units in which the athletes compete.

        Side note: Rumor has it that England plans to go completely metric by 2012, when they host the games.

        – Don

  • Guest

    The Games will only be viewable online to Windows Vista users and will not stream on Mac, Linux or XP browsers.

  • Guest

    I’m not sure where either the author or the guest coment got their information, but NEITHER IS CORRECT.

    All of the NBC Olympic coverage will be streaming via MS Silverstream and is available on PC AND Mac’s….AND linux.

    It’s a sad day when "News" is reported and they NEVER EVEN CHECK THEIR SOURCES!!!!

    • Guest

      The guy who wrote this probably only has XP service pack 1 and couldn’t get the Silverlight technology to work.

  • Guest

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me if the opening ceremony will be fully available online or they will only show clips of them after they are broadcast on TV???



  • mhmccoy

    I love the olympics.  The commentators for the swimming are wonderful, filled with enthusiasm.  Last night, I became so irritated with the self-serving ennui of the gymnastics commentators that I turned the mute button on and read a magazine.  Come on, guys, how about a little enthusiasm for the team you represent, as in are you from the USA or are you so filled with the fact that you once were great that you cannot have some enthusiasm for our team.  so they aren’t the best in the world.  Could you at least let us watch it without constantly saying how they could have been better, even before the judges decide, which often is much better than you said they could possibly do.  Oh, how bored I am with your silly commentary.  Let up, please, and let us watch it without your "superior expertise".

  • http://olympicoverage.com Paralympic Coverage

    Anyone saw it. It was as good as the Olympics’

  • http://olympicoverage.com Paralympics

    Oh crap. I just found out that the NBC coverage for paralympics is even worse.

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