NBC Making Smart Moves

    October 10, 2006

NBC is making the most of consumer generated media, blogs and chat. Smart moves, NBC!

Meredith Vieira, the new co host of the Today show, is blogging her personal thoughts and backstory elements of her interviews on iVillage.

“There are a lot of things I might like to say on a personal level on the blog that I can’t on Today because of time or it might not be appropriate,” Vieira says. “So it helps me wind down and get some thoughts out that I wish I could have otherwise and let people see other sides of my personality.”

And of course it neatly ties the two new acquisitions together and leverages the audiences. Vieira’s arrival at Today attracted 6.9 million viewers. Now they’ve been directed over to iVillage to read the backstories on the Today interviews.

Who wouldn’t want to hear all the ‘real stuff’ we don’t get to see on the show?

And the link to ther blog is right on the homepage of iVillage – so their readers get corss pollinated to the Today show.

Then there is the launch of the daily talk show in December called “iVillage Live” that will be broadcast simultaneously on its local stations and on the iVillage Web site.

Community features such as online chat and blogs will be a big part of the online version of “iVillage Live.”

Don’t ya love it when a social media plan comes together?


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