NBC Falls to Fifth Place After Poor Sweeps Showing

    February 22, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Deadline this week is reporting that NBC is projected to fall to fifth place among adults ages 18 to 49 after a dismal sweeps showing.

While CBS raked in ratings for established shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, as well as the its coverage of this year’s Super Bowl. Fox continued to ride the success of American Idol, but NBC averaged only a 1.2 rating in the key adult demographic from January 31 to February 19. As Deadline points out, that’s lower than the ratings Spanish-lauguage station Univision has seen over the same period.

New NBC shows such as Do No Harm and 1600 Penn have been ratings failures. The only shows NBC seems to have that garner even moderate ratings are The Biggest Loser and The Office.

Networks have the money and exposure to provide free TV entertainment to millions of Americans, but as the country becomes more connected those same networks are becoming less relevant. The NBC Facebook page, for example, has only around 400,000 “Likes,” while Netflix has over 3.7 million. Now that Netflix has demonstrated through House of Cards that it can provide popular premium TV programming without getting it from other content producers, networks should be scrambling to make themselves more relevant – and available – online.

  • Steve Cross

    I’ve stopped watching NBC shows because they obviously have a pro-gay agenda in which they feel it necessary to include gay characters in every show. Disagree with your agenda NBC, won’t watch you. Your ratings will continue to slide. Good luck with that.

  • http://webpronews.com kommish

    How many time have we seen NBC drop there most favorite shows? Viewers write telling them that these show are good and would like them to stay on the air, but the brains up in the front office can’t seem to see that. We get these stupid shows that have no meaning no plots some of them no acting, Then they want to know why they are falling in the ratings,Its the people that make the rating go not the front office.
    Your ratings by the people will only go up if you put on good shows,with some meat in them,quit following everyone else, come up with some new ideas.

  • Foster

    We watch Fox news. Would not watch NBC, the Democratic station…..What do you think of Obama now. Words, Words, Words. All Mika can do is READ…..bias…..

  • http://bing frank

    Hahaha the peacock just got toasted AGAIN!!!!!love it love it.

    • http://bing frank

      Oh yeah. I forgot. Spanish tv. Are you kidding hahaha.

  • Vicki

    I too watch Fox news. NBC is too liberal and one sided. They are in the tank for only democrats, plus they give Obama a pass on everything. I watch all the other stations, ABC, CBS, Fox, anything but NBC! That is why they are in 5th place.

  • http://yahoo Jan

    I usually only watch the Biggest Loser and Brian Williams’ news (I won’t watch Faux news). I was an ardent fan of the Today show, but the egos of Matt and Samantha changed that – won’t watch it at all, especially after their horrible treatment of Ann Currey, and have switched to the “real” people at GMA. Basically, I’m not fond of no-brain shows, so mainly watch documentaries on other cable channels.

  • Judy

    I agree with the person who chatted about Matt Lauer and Savannah. For God’s sake get rid of Meredith already. She left or did you FORGET. Let it go and get rid of that A-hole Lauer who has NO talent or brains and revamp your line up and perhaps you might have a fighting chance. Even Brian Williams has been taking Fridays off. Does anyone care at NBC? Al Roker as an anchor – really??????

  • Bob White

    I too watch Fox News. It’s sad that Fox has been scooping all of the other networks on all that is happening in our country and the world, while ABC, CBS and NBC is just reporting on what the government wants them to report on. If Fox is lying about things, PROVE IT! Hey NBC try reporting the news as it is, not what they tell you to report. Fire all those dummies on MSNBC and watch your ratings soar. I don’t watch ANY of your programming, because I don’t like your politics.

  • diane

    I try not to watch NBC.They are in the tank for Obama and they don’t report all the news fairly.When they did not take a moment of silence for 9/11 that was it for me.

    • Jim

      Lets hope the SOB’S go bankrupt and fall off the earth. Let them set up in Iran

  • Patrick

    NBC “World of Pie”. The all pie eating contest,all the time, network.
    Eat pies and puke them up on the front row of Jay Leno’s studio audience.

    What would J. Fred Muggs do ??

  • brad

    I agree that NBC has gone to the dogs. (and well deserved). They are the “democratic station and one sided in their views. I would like to see an overhaul of NBC starting with the top down. I havent watched NBC in going on 2-3 yrs. now. CBS and Fox seemed to be viewer friendly. Maybe NBC will even drop lower yeahhhh.