NBC Cancels Two New Shows and Brings Back “Community”

    October 19, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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I hope you haven’t developed too much of an obsession for NBC’s freshman television shows, “Ironside” and “Welcome to the Family”. Why? They have been cancelled after only three episodes, effective immediately.

Ironside” stars Blair Underwood in an modern version of the Raymond Burr police drama. It will air its final episode on Wednesday, October 23, and then “Dateline” will be taking its spot.

However, fans will not have the chance to say goodbye to the Thursday night comedy, “Welcome to the Family” about two families that are brought together by a teenage pregnancy. It has already been pulled from the network and its slot has been filled by “Parks & Recreation” and other specials for the rest of the Fall season.


In better news, NBC’s “Community” will be making a comeback for its fifth season on January 2 with back-to-back episodes. Also, “Chicago Fire” will be debuting its Sophomore season on Wednesday, January 8 at 10:00 p.m.


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  • http://nbc tamela

    You need to put IRONSIDE on a different night. A Saturday would be good.

  • Scott

    Chicago Fire is already 4 episodes in to it’s sophomore season…

  • Jeanne B

    Ironside should not have been cancelled. It is interesting.
    Cannot stand Parks and Recreation.

  • http://WebProNews Michael Guillebeaux

    I believe you are making a mistake, where do you get your advise.

  • dave

    STOP turning everything BLACK for Christ sake. What is it that the networks feel they have to air every remake with black characters? Ok, we get it,,,enough already.

    • Kelly

      You are a dick. He was the actor picked for the job, it’s not like the whole cast is black, you dickless wonder. Geezus. Hate much?!

      • eddie

        he was picked because he was black. lots of others that could have played that part. quit pushing them on us.

    • eddie

      right on Dave!

    • Gem

      Dave.. hate much?
      that’s an idiotic thing to say. That is like saying. Stop pushing all the shows with white people on us. He is a black character.. It is not a whole black show and even if it was… so what?

  • dave

    Welcome to the Family? NO ONE wants to watch unplanned pregnancies by SPICS cept SPICS

    • John

      So? There are almost more of them ow than REDNECK BIGOTS like you, and soon will be. If a program is bad, it’s bad, regardless of race. Same for good shows. I guess you never heard of The Jeffersons or Redd Foxx Show.

    • jen

      Dave you’re a real piece

  • http://webpronews T.Mac

    I agree that the day should be changed on a weekend for the show IRONSIDE, or one of the many cable channels air IRONSIDE. It is a good show.

  • http://webpronews T.Mac

    I agree change the day and show IRONSIDE ON WEEKEND, or a cable channel air IRONSIDE, THIS IS A GOOD SHOW.

  • juanita evans

    I remember the old Ironside with Raymond Burr. Although the new Ironside is a good show, it should not be cancelled, as it is one of the few new good drama shows this season. What is it with all the comedy shows???

  • Peggy

    Think Ironside would do better on Sat night, as for Sat night WHY all the football not everyone is a football fan. As for Parks and Recetion it stinks and want watch it.

  • Marsha

    I am very disappointed that Ironsides has been cancelled. Forget the comedies and give us some drama.

  • carl bobbitt

    Welome to the family was very good humor. All the stars were great. You should have given it more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robin

    Big mistake for NBC ,I dont like parks and rec

  • marilyn korman

    Ironsides is one of the best dramas you have put on the air this season. Parks and recreation is stupid.

    • http://ASDJK.COM aHJFH

      That show is hilarious. Get the crust out of your eyes and ears and watch and listen.

  • Tony

    So happy Community is coming back. Very funny and creative storytelling. Casting of roles… PERFECT!!!!
    POP POP!!!

  • http://Yahoo JUdy Granat

    I not only like the new Ironside, but I particularly like the lead actor. I never liked Parks and Recreation and will not watch it. NBC, you never give shows a chance and perhaps you need better writers.

  • carlton silvers

    It not only shows that nbc programmers have no idea what the public likes but are like drug addicts only wanting instant results. good things take a little time to ferment. they are absurd to cancel IRONSIDE!!!

  • Linda Winter

    I hate Dateline. I want IRONSIDE BACK! Put it on Saturday. Hardly
    anything to watch on Saturday. You get a good show and then you move it around. You don’t care what the views want.

  • Richard Bourgerie

    I didn’t even know Ironsides was on or I would have watched it. maybe it wasn’t publicized enough.

  • Jennifer Collins

    Thursday night there is NOTHING to watch so instead of canceling Ironside why not put it on that night. The TV is full of stupid comedys.

  • Rich

    Once again NBC has ruined the opportunity for a show to survive. First, instead of resurrecting Ironside, you should have given Blair Underwood a drama show with a different title. You already pigeon holed this show with the name. Those who didn’t watch Ironside to begin with, wouldn’t have watched this….that….at this point, is obvious. But with a different name, perhaps he could have show his great abilities. Welcome to the family is not worse than any other piece of garbage comedy. Why it was chosen for quick cancellation is beyond me. Remember folks, these are the same people pulling the plug on Jay Leno…the number 1 show for almost 20 years in his time slot, to put Jimmy Fallen, who has yet to come up with a decent monologue. He’s very talented but needs more time to become seasoned enough to take the reigns of The Tonight Show. Give me 6 months at your network and I will increase the ratings substantially! And!!!! I’m not in the entertainment business. Thank you!

  • Buddy

    Parks & Rec is so funny! You people hating on this show are big ol’ sticks in the mud! Ironside is just like CSI, Criminal Minds, or any other detective show, except…wait for it…the guy’s in a wheelchair. I mean, good for him, but it’s still just a re-hashing of old ideas. Sure, Parks & Rec can be said to be a lot like “The Office”, but “The Office” format hasn’t yet been run into the ground by 40 similar shows, so it’s still somewhat fresh. Plus it makes fun of government, which is always fun.

  • Pat

    Didn’t watch either show. Blair Underwood’s show should not have been named “Ironside”. Too nostalgic and old. I only watch 2 shows a week on NBC. Revolution and Chicago Fire. And YES!! Too many comedies on TV.

    • Buddy

      I get enough drama from work and from my wife. When I watch TV, I only want to laugh or watch sports. Save the Drama fo’ yo’ Mama, as the kids in my day used to say.

  • Renee


  • Patty

    I can not understand NBC. Who wants to watch shows about teen pregnancies, or pot smokers or wanna be gays. Ironsides was the only show I looked forward to on NBC. I watch NCIS, Blue Bloods Good Wife on CBS, Scandal, You get my drift anything but NBC

  • Lucy

    IRONSIDE is excellent! Like many have suggested, try a different night. Please don’t take it off the air! This was without a doubt my family’s favorite new show of the season.

  • ed

    Glad to hear Community is coming back. Hope to see more of Brady Novak.

    • Brady Novak

      Ed, I hope to see more of Brady Novak as well. Also, way too many people (me included) have given your post a thumbs down.

  • scales

    Some of the biggest shows of all time, like All in the Family, took time to find an audience. Move a show to a new time and advertise it everywhere– on social media, etc. Shows like Scandal have been building an audience via word of mouth and Twitter, now it’s very popular. There are too many sitcoms and reality shows on TV. Maybe CBS can buy the show; it does well with dramas. Three weeks is not long enough and while I like NBC, it seems to have a problem with horrible decision-making.

    • francey

      I didn’t like Ironside at all. They keep trying to bring back these old shows and most of them don’t work. And Welcome to the Family just plain sucked!! Get rid of them early-why prolong the pain!

  • Larkie

    Community makes me want to puke.. I have enjoyed the Ironside show, but I do think that it should have had another title..It is hard to picture him as “Ironside”.. Raymond Burr had that role and it will forever be his..

    • Joel

      Community makes you want to puke?

      You make me want to puke, dummy!
      It’s the best comedy on tv right now!

      Let me guess, you’re a Big Bang Theory fan, aren’t you?
      Talk about shows that make me want to puke…

      Anyways, don’t be mad at Community. NBC is the enemy!
      Community has had such a struggle over theyears. NBC has made loads of idiotic decisions regarding it. It’s a miracle we’re getting a 5th season. It’s an even bigger miracle we’re getting our (previously fired) showrunner back.

      • Tara

        Community is the best show on TV? You….. never mind. That show is pathetic.

      • Hugh Manatee

        Don’t bother with these people. Most of America enjoys “Two and a Half Men” and thinks “The Big Bang Theory” is an intellectual comedy.

        They don’t like to have to think for their jokes and thus need a laugh track.

  • Lynn

    I love Ironside. Was so excited to see a NEW scripted show this season. Not surprised though, the only thing that doesn’t get canceled, is garbage reality TV shows! I can’t speak for most but I am SICK of ‘reality tv’. And three episodes they cancel it? Can you give a show a chance to develop a fan base? Jeez. Guess Reality TV is here to stay.

  • Jo

    OH NO not Welcome to the Family. Its a really funny show. Why don’t they try moving these shows to another night and give it a chance!


    Since I watched the original Ironsides series, I was curious how they would rewrite this and make it believable in today’s world. They have done a very good job. Underwood has made the transition from a Lawyer to a Detective still dealing with the issues of how he became wheelchair bound and done it easily. I think it ranks as one of the best shows to debut this year, and outranks some of the older series and the series should not be canceled. It the network feels a night change is necessary, go for it! But don’t cancel.

  • Ivonne

    The only problem is NBC. If they moved these shows to ABC, CBS, or even Fox, they would’ve done a lot better. Besides NBC really didn’t even try to promote these shows (compared to SNL at least). Other than on YouTube, I’ve never seen promos or commercials for these shows. If only they can cancel NBC as a channel.

    • Tina

      I agree. I can see Welcome to the Family doing well on ABC and Ironside doing better on cable (FX or something).

      • Tina

        I think Welcome to the Family was ABC’s attempt to break into ABC’s single-camera family comedy territory.

        • Tina


  • Ivonne

    Is NBC even known for shows OTHER than SNL? I know why they keep giving P&R more seasons, because the stars are from SNL, the breadwinner, the goldenchild. I dont know but I know one thing, I won’t be watching NBC as much if at all anymore. Poor, pathetic choices

  • ken

    garbage in garbage out.

  • Steve

    Ironside was dumb…a wheelchair bound cop? lol cmon HEROS was more believable than that

    • jack

      Ironside is a remake of a show that starred Raymond Burr and was very successful in its time.

    • Tara

      Again, Ironside was a show years ago and this was a remake. It was very popular during it’s time. So you look like a fool.

  • Jim Williams

    NBC cancelled the show named Ironside. Never understood why they called it that. Thought it was a good police drama. But in all it’s wisdom NBC cancelled. Wrong name,we think. Of course we don’t count in the ratings wars. 18-49 are the ones that matter.

    • Tara

      Ironside used to be a show and this was a remake. Good grief….

  • Joel

    Wow, what is with all of the Community and Parks and Rec hate?

    Look, I liked Welcome to the Family a lot and I’m angry that it’s getting axed. If I watched Ironside, I’d feel the same way about it too.

    The fact that Community is returning has nothing to do with the cancelation of those two shows. They have been filming episodes for a few months and had already announced it would return mid-season. As for Parks and Rec, I mean…it’s currently on their schedule. Surely they didn’t cancel these other two shows for it.

    Don’t take your anger out on two of the best comedies on tv right now. I’ll admit, I only recently got into Parks and Rec, but if you give it a shot, it’s quite funny. Community and Parks and Rec are both character-based comedies. You can’t just watch two episodes and say they’re stupid.

    • Pat

      bc most ppl who watch network tv wanna watch shit like robin williams new show or whatever. these dumbasses don’t realize that parks and rec n community are the only two comedies on network tv that requite a brain.

  • Patty O’Brien

    Thanks to the DVR I can watch what I want and when I want. “Ironsides” was another attempt to cash in on the name and the character which has been going around a bit. This is 2013 not 1967 or 1975 for that matter, and Mr. Ironsides should at least have been getting around with a “Jazzy” or some motorized vehicle by now. Once an actor owns a role by name such as Raymond Burr, Clayton Moore, even to a lesser degree Jack Lord in the original “Hawaii 50″ for examples right off the top of my head, nobody else could or should portray the character. Besides that, “Ironsides” was too dark and too “Black” to be accepted by the mass audience. NBC has tried this thinking before the past few seasons with a handful of forgettable programs. Thanks NBC for wasting my time and your money.

  • Diane Betian

    Awww I liked “Welcome to the Family”……

  • lenny d

    Oh geez…. who cares!Network TV has gotten so bad ….Remakes, Realty, and sitcoms with people who are obviously just far too hip for me…occasionally a well written show comes around, but I dont hold my breath.. NBC is the absolute worst,but for the most part why bother.. some ok shows on cable , but not worth the price. thank god for Netfilx, Hulu etc…and for the most part just give me a good book instead.

  • joanne

    I am so happy to hear that Community will return. I think it is one of the best, most clever, funny show on TV. Good Job to all!!!

  • Linda

    I really don’t watch a lot on NBC, but welcome to the family seemed to me to be a hit. Good story line, well known actors. What the heck were you thinking? apparently not, I don’t watch parks and recreation or what ever the hell it’s called. It’s too stupid.

  • Linda

    I love Chicago Fire, I think I would have liked welcome to the family, if you would keep it at a normal interesting story, two HETROSEXUALS, in love, like it used to be. Am tired of all the gay thing, and that is the only thing that bothers me with Chicago Fire. Most women really do not want to see other women kissing each other.

    • Petal

      Agreed, Linda! I love Chicago Fire, and actually loved that they moved it to Tuesday nights at 10 pm (a quieter night for me with the telly). Was thrilled to see the London actor, Eamonn Walker as the Fire Chief. Haven’t seen him for years, and his American accent is spot-on!

    • Pat

      don’t watch it. you already are a dumbass for watching terrible network shows and if a homosexual storyline turns you off it then don’t watch. there’s about 60 csi’s and law and orders for people who watch shit like you anyway.

  • ted

    NBC strikes (out) again!!!! Ironside had a possibility of succeeding, maybe another night or time. But NBC jumps ship fast.

  • MIMI

    Ironside and Welcome to the Family are two very good shows, I truly hope another station picks them both up and shows NBC just what they did wrong.

    • Leslie Gregory

      I only watched about 20 minutes of Ironside and thought it stunk, but the cast was good. And I suffered through 2 episodes of Welcome to the Family because I loved the casting so much, but actors need good writers to make it a success, and the good writers must all be busy because the writing stunk to high heaven! Not sorry to see it gone, but please cast Mary McCormack in something else. I adore her.

  • DonaNicole

    I love Blair Underwood. The thing is I don’t want to see him in a wheelchair. I want to see him walking around being sexy and intimidating. Bring Blair back but not in Ironside.

  • Sharon Poage

    I am so glad that show got cancelled. It was pure crap and Blair Underwood is a really good actor that plays predatory roles.

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