Naya Rivera Shouts with Glee, Expletives for Brother

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Everyone wishes they had a sister like "Glee" star Naya Rivera today! The star was getting crazy as she cheered for her brother Mychal Rivera, as he made his first touchdown today as an Oakland Raider. Mychal is an NFL rookie who played today against the Washington Redskins, putting his team up 14-0.

Naya was cheering in head to toe raider gear, unless you don't count the half of her shirt that was missing, and as her brother caught a pass from quarterback Matt Flynn to score his first touchdown, she was seen running from her luxury box seat and yelling with her arms in the air. At one point, she screams, "F--k yeah!" That's team spirit, people!

Naya looks so excited and just beams with sister pride, but what I can't help but wonder is who that woman is that shows up at the end that looks like she just watched someone stab her puppy to death?

Besides working on "Glee", Naya has been one busy girl lately. According to E!, she is also working on a music album. Her debut single, "Sorry," which features her rapper boyfriend, Big Sean, was recently released on iTunes. Along with that release came a somewhat NSFW lyric video for the song, that features a number of nude ladies in silhouette.

There's more to Naya Rivera's career than just singing. She is a fairly accomplished young up and coming actress as well! She has been in more than just "Glee"! She has actually been in The Royal Family and The Master of Disguise with funny man Dana Carvey, as well as Glee: The 3-D Concert Movie.

Tune in to "Glee "on Thursdays at 9 on the FOX network.

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