Navy Yard Shooting: President Obama Says Investigation Is Underway

    September 16, 2013
    Zach Walton
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By now, you’re no doubt aware that a shooting took place at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. this morning. Multiple people were injured, and the AP reports that there were at least six fatalities. Now President Obama has made a statement regarding this latest shooting.

The President was scheduled to speak about the financial crisis of 2008 this morning, but the Navy Yard shooting has obviously changed his plans. He opened his statement by saying that he’s been briefed on the situation, and understands that there were fatalities.

Obama further said that military employees understand the risks of fighting abroad, but rarely do they have to face the same danger at home. He also said that the authorities will thoroughly investigate the incident and bring those responsible to justice.

After that, Obama said that he will work to honor the sacrifice and memory of those who were killed today. He also said that he will continue to work to make sure that similar shootings don’t happen again.

In all, Obama spoke about the Navy Yard shooting for about a minute before switching gears to briefly talk about the recently reached deal with Russia regarding Syria’s chemical weapons. It’s understandable that he wouldn’t have much to say as many details are still up in the air right now regarding the shooting. The President will probably have much more to say later today and this week when more information is known.

[Image: White House Live Stream]
  • Name

    Obama is talking about something he has very little knowledge about. No one does at this point. He is just using this to distract people from the Syrian issue and the economic issues in the country. For all we know, the shooter could have gone crazy because he couldn’t find a job or because he was upset that we have been fighting wars for the past 12 years that have been pretty much pointless.

    Also, we always assume that shootings like this are random or that the person was crazy. It takes a lot to kill a person. TV makes it seem like it is easy to take a life. It isn’t. When someone shoots another person, often it is very personal.

    I think we should just wait and see what happens before we talk about things. The President should do this too. But at the end of the day, he wants to distract everyone from Syria, our problems in this country, and ultimately, I think there is agenda to go after people’s guns in this nation.

    Before you think I am a NRA member — I don’t own a gun and don’t want to. If you have ever seen what a gun can do to a human being, you would never want to own one either. Problem is that most people have never seen that. However, I do believe in the right to own guns. With the Patriot Acts and the NSA spy program in full swing, it is clear we are moving towards becoming a police state. Heck, we already have 25% of the world’s prisoners. Taking people’s guns will greatly accelerate that process.

  • Amber

    Who’s to say this didn’t happen to prevent him from speaking out further on the economy, or hide more on the Snowden leaks, or Syria. Or government has lied to us for so long it’s hard to believe anything they say anymore. And just like the Boston bombings how they were so quick to get on TV and point fingers at innocent people and give false information I totally agree with you Name.
    This is probably another ploy to turn people against guns, so they can convenience people to hand them over so then we will be a unprotected nation and our own government will make us their sheep. People think this is crazy but everyday it becomes more and more real. I am not totally for guns my father killed himself with a gun, but I do believe it’s our right to have them. Guns don’t kill people on their own..there’s always someone behind the trigger.

    • @Amber

      I agree Amber. However, many people do not want to know the truth. If they did, this would not be the case:

      Amount of money allocated for the 1986 Challenger disaster investigation: $75 million
      Amount of money allocated for the 2004 Columbia disaster investigation: $50 million
      Amount of money allocated for Clinton-Lewinsky investigation: $40 million
      Amount of money allocated for the 9/11 Commission: $14 million

      We spent 3 times more money investigating a blow job than we did investigating the worst terrorist incident in the history of our nation and the cause of our nation being in a perpetual war for the past 12 years.

      One has to seriously ask themselves — why is this the case.