Navy Ship Runs Aground: What Happened?

    February 19, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Well, this is embarrassing.

The USS Taylor is out of commission after it ran aground last week. The warship was one of two vessels that had been sent to the Black Sea in a show of support by the United States against any possible terrorist attacks. It was a simple matter of precaution as the controversial Sochi Winter Olympic games was thought to draw attempts to cause harm to spectators and/or athletes.

Though nothing has happened as of yet, it is unknown how the US will respond to being down to one ship patrolling the Black Sea.

The event is said to have occurred last Wednesday, as the ship was preparing to moor at Samsun, a city in Northern Turkey, where it was due to be refueled.

Despite running aground, the warship was still about to dock at the port. An initial inspection of the vessel showed that there was significant damage to the ship’s propeller blades. However, the hull was determined to have avoided any damage.

None of the 200 crew members who were aboard the USS Taylor at the time suffered any injuries, according to a statement released by the Navy.

Commander Philip Rosi, spokesman for the US Sixth Fleet, said that it is unknown how long the warship will be out of commission.

In an email to the AFP, Rosi stated that it was simply, “too early to determine the impact to the schedule.”

The USS Mount Whitney, a command vessel, was the other ship that the Pentagon recently announced would be sent into Russian waters during the Olympics.

Given the fact that the gesture was thought to be a show of force of sorts by the United States military, it’s seen by some to be a bit of a “butter fingers” moment.

It is not yet known what caused the USS Taylor to run aground. The Navy said in a statement that the issue is still under investigation

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  • Yabbaba

    USS Taylor, probably named after Elizabeth Taylor, to encourage gay sailors to enlist.

    • Spike

      You are a moron.

      • bluesnvegas

        And probably not a vet!

      • Yabbaba

        You’re gay, no doubt!

  • stevebarrette


  • tld357

    The Captain was injured he just lost his career

  • cbinflux

    “too early to determine the impact to the schedule.” …and way too late to determine the schedule to impact.

  • Ben Dover


    • Spike

      Isn’t there a venue in Sochi called The Iceberg Palace?! LOL.

  • Ben Dover

    USA looking like fools again

  • Robert H. White III

    Fumbling and bumbling idiot…The Captain needs to be tarred and feathered…Why isn’t his name included in the article…

    • Spike

      Probably because you’re all ready to tar and feather him. Wow, nothing like shooting first and asking questions later, huh?

  • Sea Dog

    Well now either someone forgot to check the fathom meter compared to drat of ship or it was coming in too fast and couldn’t reverse in time or navigational error any way you look at it the captains has just been beached. And this is going to cost us tax payers how much. Props messed up what about rudders and shafts? Get the ship out of water and into a dry dock where a full survey can be done

    • Michael Selby

      Fathom meter? You check chart depth with sonar, which is where the major damage will be. This is, however, the captain’s fault. With the naval navigation systems, he, the navigator, the CIC and the officer of the deck would have know exactly where the ship is. The ship’s course is charted, maintained and verified. The only reasonable explanation is that the depth on the charts and the navigation systems were both off, which is what the captain will be saying at this trial.

  • Smee

    Maybe Obama wanted to steer it for a bit?

    • guest010101

      There’s been worse…. Concordia comes to mind!

  • ahi1pfb

    Get use to this type of incompetence in the military. Obama has fired the most generals and admirals in the history of the presidency. The narcissist fires anyone who questions his vast military knowledge and strategy.

    • Spike

      This is an idiotic statement! Obama has nothing to do with who gets promoted, who gets fired, who retires, etc. Congress has nothing to do with it, either. Rant about Obama all you want but he is not responsible for a Navy ship running aground. Seriously, are you a complete moron? Ever hear of the Secretary of the Navy? Joints Chiefs of Staff? Those are the people who are in charge of promoting/demoting/firing, etc. Good grief, with ignorance like the kind you’re displaying, no wonder our country is going down the tubes.

      • Dgbee

        You’re so right. Obama has little to do with anything.

      • ahi1pfb

        Now you are really showing your ignorance. The commander in chief has everything to do with who gets hired and fired in the command structure of the military. Take your uninformed comments to fantasyland idiot.

  • ppp7

    USN 1 Gold all others no medal for you

  • Stan

    Blame it on an Ensign.

  • citizen

    This was a COMMAND SHIP ? ? ? How many Captains or Commanders on board ? Isn’t Turkey a NATO ally ? ? Is the whole world watching ? ? I wonder what HOME LAND SECURITY THINKS ABOUT THIS. ? ? I wonder if the e-mails from said ship were intersepted by ALL THE MID EAST WARLORDS before the President read them. “DEAR PRESIDENT OBAMA, WE RAN THE COMAND SHIP AGROUND IN THE BLACK SEA.? “

    • Harry Hoopes

      Learn how to read, icehole. It was NOT the command ship.

  • Larry Donaldson

    The ship was ready to dock where it was told to dock? Sounds like a set-up to me.

  • Mike

    I wonder how the Obama figured he was going to get US military personnel into Sochi if American tourists needed assistance…Judging by past actions I seriously doubt putin would have allowed it…seems to me to be a costly wasted effort in an attempt to seem tough and savvy…

  • Harry Hoopes

    The accident was more than likely caused by the Russians giving the Americans bad charts. By the way, it can’t possibly be as embarrassing as having “Muffin’s Mom” as a moniker.

  • http://www.hairart4u.com Spitzerone

    What I wonder is whose Navy career will be sacrificed as a result of this. Ny bet is it won’t be the ship’s commander although that is who it should be.

  • rolatvian

    was the frigate piloted?

  • rick p

    Unlike any of you folks making comments, I have been the Navigator on a warship visiting the port of Samsun, Turkey. Due to extreme currents and the localized shoaling they create, the charted depths are not always accurate. This is why visiting ships (Navy and Civilian) embark a local, licensed harbor pilot prior to entering the port. I am 100% certain that the ship’s position was perfectly known and that it was well within the expected charted depth. I no longer remain in the Navy, but I reviewed Samsun charts on the internet in the days after this grounding event and according to these charts the ship should have never had less than 2.5 meters beneath it’s screws. It is ports like these that ships critically depend on locally licensed pilots to help guide them. Of course, the ignorant can blame the Captain, blame Obama, blame a Turkish conspiracy …..but in the end things like this happen because ships of all nations assume a risk when they travel the maritime realm. Sometimes the risk catches up with us. The Captain will be held accountable because that is the Captain’s great and terrible duty. But he remains an intelligent, highly educated Naval professional who did everything in his 18 years of service asked of him and made no error in neither judgment or execution in this incident.