Naughty Dog Talks Combat In The Last Of Us


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The Last Of Us has already been out for almost a month, but it's still getting plenty of play across social media and other gaming communities. As long as it remains in the public consciousness, Naughty Dog will continue to talk about the development of the game as well. This week's game development journal will be of particular interest to those who have come to love the game's combat.

If you're new to The Last Of Us, combat in the game is a varied mix of gunplay, melee and stealth takedowns. You'll be doing a lot of the latter two as you probably don't want to engage many enemies with guns. If you choose to do so, you're probably not going to last long.

The Last Of Us is an excellent game, and it's really interesting to see the creators discuss what many are calling the greatest game of this generation. They certainly don't look like they've created one of the defining games of this generation. They only seem solely dedicated to crafting what they wanted to make. That kind of philosophy should be adopted by more publishers and studios as the creative juices of a dedicated development team is worth more than a thousand focus groups.

The Last Of Us is now available exclusively on the PS3.