Natural Search Traffic To Retailers Rises

    December 6, 2007

Retailers have had higher growth rates for natural or unpaid search traffic, according to Netconcepts.

The company looked at programs of retailers using GravityStream, its natural search-advertising platform, and found an average of 14 percent week-to-week growth, compared to nine percent at this time in 2006.

"This faster rate of growth likely stems from several root causes, including a better understanding of search engine functionality among retailers and consumers," said Brian Klais, vice president of search for Netconcepts.

"Online retailers’ efforts to offer good content and increase visibility are paying dividends, and consumers can access many types and sources of information through natural search to support purchasing decisions."

This year retailers using GravityStream saw a 28 percent increase in natural search engine traffic from November 19, the Monday before Thanksgiving, to November 26, Cyber Monday.

The same Monday -to-Monday period in 2006 generated only 18 percent growth.

The study tracked natural search advertising programs for apparel, sporting goods, hardware, home improvement, housewares and other vertical retail industries.

"Many retailers invest in their online presence to better capture natural search traffic and more effectively engage consumers with meaningful and relevant content," added Klais.

"Any retailer trying to capture the attention of consumers early in the purchase process with natural search should aim for high week-to-week growth rates early in the season. The goal is a fast ramp up early in the season with continued growth through Cyber Monday IV."