NATO Airstrike Kills 15 Civilians Including Children

    September 8, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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A NATO airstrike in Afghanistan reportedly killed 15 people including women and children on Saturday.

NATO spokeswoman, 1st Lt. AnnMarie Annicelli, said that she had not received any reports of civilians being killed in the strike. However, Kunar province police chief Abdul Habib Sayed Khaili stated, “At least four women, four children and two civilian drivers were killed in a NATO airstrike in [the] Wattapur district of Kunar province.” He then went on to say, “I can confirm that four armed insurgents belonging to Al Qaida were also killed in the airstrike.”

The Taliban are strong in the eastern province in which the strike took place; Khaili said that a pickup truck was hit yesterday evening right after three Arab and three Afghan militants loaded into the vehicle.

Violence in the area has been on a steady upward climb in recent years; nearly 1,000 civilians were killed and 2,000 injured in the first six months of 2013.

Image courtesy The U.S. Army via Wikimedia Commons.

  • http://bluenilescrapdesigns.blogspot.com/ Penney Nile

    Unforgivable! Why do military strikes always seem to kill more non-combatants than it does the soldiers who are the target? Is it just the stupidity of the attacking force, or is it deliberate?

  • Reality

    What is sad is that we are fighting an enemy we created and funded with $3.5 billion dollars in 1979.

    How is that exit strategy coming along? After all, it has been 12 years since 9/11. I thought we were going to be out of these wars by now.

    Well, this is what you get when you fight a war on terror —— never ending wars and here we go into Syria. Is it me or does anyone else out there notice a pattern of American expansionism.

    • Rumble

      We are not NATO, we are part of NATO. Are you that dumb. Innocent people die all the time (9/11) at least we are doing something to stop these idiots from claiming more American lives!

  • m

    while i do not like to hear about women & children killed ,the media needs to stop this intentional divide they are causing . al quaeda kills its own people (incl women and children)all of the time. they put weapons in civilians homes and hide out there ,using human shields .so stop making us out to be the bad guys Secondly we need to pull out and stay out of others countries civil wars There are millions of people in the USA that need help whether it is jobs education food clothing shelter or basic medical care There is an especially big need for mental health services Let’s take care of our own people 1st