Natalie Wood Death Under Question: Was She Beaten?

    January 14, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Natalie Wood, the infamous and beautiful movie star who died under tragic and mysterious circumstances in 1981, may have been beaten before she died, a new report claims.

Wood allegedly fell overboard from her yacht over Thanksgiving weekend and drowned; her body was found washed up in an area near Catalina Island, near L.A. Police initially ruled her death an accident, but a new autopsy report shows that bruises on her wrists, ankles, and knees are inconsistent with falling. Now, speculation of foul play is running rampant.

The actress–who was on the yacht with her husband, Robert Wagner, and actor Christopher Walken–reportedly had an argument with Wagner late on the night she died after he had a disagreement with Walken. All three had been drinking, but Wagner contends he went to bed early and never saw his wife again. But the captain of the yacht, Dennis Devern, has recently made claims that he overheard the heated argument and saw Wagner shove Wood until she fell overboard. Because she couldn’t swim, she thrashed in the water and called for help repeatedly, but Devern says Wagner never made a move to help her. Devern makes the claims in recordings made for Lana Wood–Natalie’s sister–when she was doing research for a book.

“He said it appeared to him as though (Wagner) shoved her away and she went overboard. Dennis panicked and (Wagner) said, ‘Leave her there. Teach her a lesson.’ Dennis said he was very panicky that he was sitting and (Wagner) kept drinking and kept drinking,” Lana Wood said.

The case of Wood’s death has long been speculated upon, and investigators have new, conflicting information to pore over in what has now become a murder investigation. No word yet from Wagner or Walken on the developments.

  • Jimmie Moore

    I have always thought, since the day it happened, mr. smirk himself (Wagner) was responsible for her death. Hope the truth comes out and Natalie gets justice.

    • Connie

      Jimmie, I agree with you 100%!!

      • greg

        grab a torch and pitchfork while you’re at it

        • http://www.leemharris.com Elder Lee Harris, Sr.

          Be careful Mr. Greg, beware your own safe being sir!!!

    • http://yahoo barbara blackburn

      From the day my sister and I heard it on the radio, we thought someone did this to her. There were all kinds of scenarios going on at that time, all the people I knew talked about it and thought it was just too weird. First of all, who is going to go tie up a dingy, especially someone afraid of water in the DARK sea???? She would have asked her hubby or Walken. I can’t understand why Wagner won’t talk to media, what is he hiding? Why isn’t Walken talking after all these years. The captain of the boat was told to keep his mouth shut and he did, I think until it is eating him up inside and can’t live with it anymore, afterall, why would he lie now, there’s nothing to gain for him, it’s just one big sad story. Whoever did this should be punished, but, people do and Karma is a bitch!

  • PJ Albert

    And if he didn’t help her he is G,too!!!!!

  • Kasper

    Perhaps these recent discoveries might re-open inquiry into other closed-all-too-quickly Hollywood deaths like those of George Reeves and Jon-Erik Hexum.

    • Lynsu

      Why is it necessary for you to make an ignorant comment about black people, only to make another ignorant comment about a woman who allegedly drowned?

  • Connie

    He’s had 30 years of freedom to do as he pleases and make more movies. If he’s responsible, he should be held accountable now!!

    • greg

      It’s her fault for not knowing how to swim. I guess this is why I always thought she was black.

      • http://www.leemharris.com Elder Lee Harris, Sr.

        Very ignorant thing to say!!! Clowning about somebody dying and then showing your racist cowardliness just shows who and what you are!

  • Whitaker S. Burchstead

    I Believe that Natalie Wood was the Victim of Foul Play and Hope that Her Killer is Proven Guilty and Sentenced to Full Extent of the Law!

  • MLou

    An obvious question would be why didn’t Devern help her? How could you ignore someone’s cry for help and then point fingers at others 30 years later?

  • Steve

    It was her fault for not knowing how to swim and usually it is always the woman’s fault

  • Betsy

    I can’t imagine how anyone could be that cold hearted. Wagner will never be brought to justice though, he has too much money and with enough money, you can get away with murder, especially in Hollywood.

  • me

    May Justice prevail and The truth will set them free!