Natalie Dormer V. Portman: Who Rocks Bald Best?


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Red Carpet events can get a tad tedious sometimes.

There's so much else happening in the world that warrants more attention. That said, as a human woman caught up in the spectacle that is my culture, I’d be lying if I said some of the fun eccentric Hollywood stuff didn’t occasionally captivate my senses. One example would be when a beautiful actress shaves the side of her head for a part and then confidently dons a half-hairdo on the red carpet.

Thus, when Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer showed up for the 2014 SAG awards, it wasn’t her Marios Schwab design or shiny vine-like earcuff that caught everyone’s eye.

It was this:

The quasi coif, Dormer says, is a look fashioned for her film part as the character Cressida in the Hunger Games series.

Of both the style itself and her part in the films, she said, “The hair department of Mockingjay did it and I love it. A little trepidation but I was excited.”

I remember watching Natalie Portman also go full on Mr. Clean about ten years ago when she did 'V' For Vendetta and thinking, "Not if you paid me a million bu- wait. Okay. Maybe for a million bucks."

In my humble opinion, I think both Portman and Dormer carry off the bare dome look rather well. Also, I sort of admire their passion for what they do. I mean, if that’s not commitment to your craft, I’m not sure what is.

Then again, when you’ve got pretty peepers and a lovely mug like either of these Natalies, you can probably go full on Sinead O’Connor and still look pretty much amazing. All I know is that if my head was getting shaved as bald as a baby, I'd be crying like one too...

From hair to weight modifications, which actors have made your favorite on screen transformation for a role?

Image via Youtube