NASA To Live Stream Total Eclipse

    July 31, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Tomorrow a total solar eclipse will darken part of the Earth. Unless you’re hanging out in Outer Mongolia, though, you won’t get to see it. Luckily there’s NASA, which will stream a good shot of it from a special website.

Well, there’ll be a partial view in parts of North America, too, but the best views are closer to the Arctic Circle, where nobody really wants to go. With the Olympics in China and record fuel prices, getting to places where the eclipse is total are a little cost-prohibitive.

You’re not supposed to stare at the sun, anyway, as a few dozen people in India just found out.

For those of us who’d rather stay in the toasty confines of a North American summer—and you know, not go blind staring—can view the eclipse from NASA’s website tomorrow.

Path of Totality
Path Of Totality

NASA has even prepared a Google Map showing the "Path of Totality." Can’t help but think that sounds like a scary path, one with Gandalf at the end of it shouting at a fire demon.