Napster Launches Web Platform

    October 16, 2007

Today Napster launched a new Web-based platform that allows users to listen to their music on their computer without downloading software.

Napster said the new version of its subscription service; Napster 4.0 will operate on a PC, Mac and, Linux systems using Internet Explorer 6, Firebox 1.5, and Flash Player 8. Users will have access to Napster’s track recommendation service, if users want to load music on a portable player they will have to use Napster’s desktop application, which are a Windows Vista but does not support Apple’s popular iTunes.

"With this new platform Napster can easily be integrated into consumer electronics devices or integrated into other Web sites such as social networking sites," said Christopher Allen, chief operating officer at Napster.

Napster users will still pay a monthly subscription fee from $10 to $15 a month and will have access to the company’s catalog of more than 5 million songs. Napster hopes it latest move will attract more subscribers and that it will grow beyond the 770,000 subscribers it currently has.