Nancy Pelosi Disses Boehner on Immigration?

    June 29, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Like her or not, as House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi probably has a decent pulse of what is going on in Congress. If she says something is a lost cause, that probably means it stands little chance of breathing air again anytime soon in the vacuum that can be the United States Legislative branch.

And so it is that, when Pelosi recently visited a Border Patrol facility in Brownsville, Texas recently, that reporters hung on her every word regarding comprehensive immigration reform.

“A few days ago I would have been more optimistic about comprehensive immigration reform,” Pelosi said. “I thought that we had been finding a way because we have been very patient and respectful of [House Speaker John Boehner] trying to do it one way or another.”

“I don’t think he gives us much reason to be hopeful now, but we never give up. There’s still the month of July,” she added.

Pelosi’s comments were poignant considering where she spoke them. The facility that she was visiting houses unaccompanied children that have managed to come across the U.S. border. Usually people who cross the border and are caught can be turned back quickly. However, only if they are from a country that shares a border with the U.S. If, like many of these children, they are from Central America, the process is longer.

Because these are children, the law specifies that they must be transferred to the custody of the Health and Human Services department within 72 hours of their arrest.

“The fact is these are children, children and families,” Pelosi said. “We have a moral responsibility to address this in a dignified way.”

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  • cant_happen_here

    It is time that American forces occupy the entire border area in northern Mexico, and thus be able to hermetically seal the U.S. / Mexican border. Between the Mexican gangs and the corrupt and impotent Mexican Federales, and the half-hearted efforts of the U.S. government, it is quite apparent by this recent illegal crisis that serious, strong, pro-active measures need to be taken.

    Although Obama and the Democrats will have nothing to do with this, as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi’s “Welcome to USA” tour, it is then also time that President Obama be impeached for dereliction of duty, and all congressional Democrats as well as pro-“amnesty” Republicans voted out of office this fall.

    Mexico has surrendered the right to national sovereignty. She has allowed, or is incapable of stopping -or both- the use of her border to make the U.S a dumping ground for millions of impoverished illegals. In fact, Mexico has allowed the entire length of her nation to be used to transport illegals from Central American countries.

    The U.S. must stop this now. We absolutely cannot afford to take in the multiple millions of additional Latinos who would come here right now if they could because their governments have failed to provide them with adequate safety and opportunity.

    Failure to act will be the undoing of our nation, as we become a second world and finally a third world country.