Nancy Grace Sued for Labeling 'Selfie Stalker'

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Nancy Grace is being sued for defamation by a man she labeled the 'Selfie Stalker.' She allegedly falsely accused Benjamin Seibert of breaking into a woman's Denver home and taking a photo of himself. It was on TV that Grace made these claims, also calling the alleged photo a “textbook serial killer’s calling card.” Grace's fans hopped on board the blame wagon at that time and perpetuated her claims, which soon went viral.

“It hasn’t been easy for him as a result of this,” Seibert’s attorney, John Pineau, said during an interview with the Associated Press.

It was last February when Benjamin Seibert first heard about the alleged crime. Police learned that the photo on the woman's phone was actually a photograph of the man's Facebook picture. Once police exonerated Seibert publicly, Nancy Grace allegedly continued referring to Seibert as the 'Selfie Stalker.'

Despite being cleared by police, Grace continued with her television show on February 10, posting on Twitter and Facebook, branding him a serial killer.

In addition to Nancy Grace, Seibert's lawsuit names Crime Stoppers. The suit alleges they never withdrew Seibert's photo from their pages even after police confirmed he wasn't a criminal.

Benjamin Seibert is looking for additional people who believe they have also been wronged by Nancy Grace. He is urging them to join in his lawsuit against the HLN TV host.

Nancy Grace has a cult following. There are some who believe her word is the end-all with regard to criminal activity. It's easy to see how she might have damaged Benjamin Seibert's reputation by continuing to call him the 'Selfie Stalker' even after police cleared his name. Do you think Seibert can win this lawsuit?

Kimberly Ripley
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