Nancy Grace Bashes Legalization of Marijuana

    January 7, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Nancy Grace says those who agree with the legalization of marijuana are likely “lethargic on the sofa eating chips…fat and lazy.” She totally bashed the notion of pot being available to anyone in an over-the-counter form during an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. The HLN personality’s biggest concern is definitely children. As a mom herself she asked if people really want to know that their babysitter or their cab driver or bus driver–anyone who could potentially have the lives of their or her children in their hands are smoking pot whenever they want.

“I don’t think it’s best for our society,” she said toward the end of the interview, despite the fact that she made her point loudly and abundantly clear at the beginning of the conversation.

A concerned “fat and lazy” person immediately weighed in on Nancy Grace’s comments via Twitter.

Nancy Grace stuck to her outspoken beliefs via Twitter just the same.

Grace has no doubt sparked a conversation to be weighed in on by people all over the United States. Unfortunately since she is such a controversial figure to begin with–most people either love or hate Nancy Grace–there is seldom any middle ground here–folks will join in simply to bash her, rather than to intelligently contribute to the conversation being had all around the country.

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  • Bonnie

    Nancy, You are my Hero!

    • steve

      yes and all the bars are good for society!! wake up people,don’t want my cabbie high OR drunk

  • chas holman

    ” “lethargic on the sofa eating chips…fat and lazy.” ”

    Says the highly scripted ‘portly’ woman.

    Does she have ANY idea, one MUST be stoned to even watch her show all the way through?

    • @chas

      She is a very fat woman. I felt bad for her on dancing with the stars…. she looked hideous. Then again, she deserves it. She is a bitch and quite crazy.

  • Nance Grace

    The woman is arrogant, a liar, phony, and mean. All you have to do is watch her show once and you will understand how crazy she is. Then when you look in the stories of her past, you find out that she greatly exaggerates everything. But don’t take my word for it. Watch this short video. You will literally see her contradict and lie. She does it all the time. Just paste it in your browser.


    There is a man who received a 55-year sentence for selling $350 worth of pot, which by the way in most parts of the world is totally legal. In fact, in Europe extensive testing has been done for decades and it has found that pot is pretty much harmless and when synthesized can be used to effectively treat many forms of cancer. Our drug laws are crazy in this nation and it is not right or moral to do that to human beings. Plus, as we can all see, the drug laws DONT WORK !!!!!

  • http://None Dominick Barber

    Nancy Pot Is Nom Addictive! I’ve quit many times ! No Withdrawels! I Surfed 25ft waves when I was younger on pot! Michael Phelps etc. pot Is not a head High Nancy! Alcohol ofcourse beyond Horrible! Pot is Harmless! No getting high on pot no matter how much u smoke! Like Pyscho meds takes 2 Weeks to get use to! No Head High! I take Pepesi Challenge

    • http://att.net mike

      Dom, this is a do over. You just made her look good.

  • http://att.net mike

    I don’t agree with Nancy Grace. What she and many of her allies fail to realize is that not only is this going to stay in place, but people like her are going to be phased out of the main stream as a result of it. I’d say at this point, it will be about 2 years before pot is legal in all 50 states. Especially once other states see what it is going to do for Colorado’s economy. It doesn’t matter if she likes it or not, it is happening. And on the other side, I’d say it’ll be about 2 1/2-3 years before cigarettes are illegal in all 50 states. It will be one for the other, and the result will be a much happier society with a lot less crime and violence. People are gonna be to busy getting stoned to commit crimes. They are not going to care about kicking someone’s butt when they can just get stoned and forget about it. And no one is saying you have to just because it is legal. Its a choice, just like cigs and booze. You do it if you want. And that’s why she’s upset. There’s going to be a lot less news for her to get pissy about, henceforth resulting in her becoming irrelevant, along with the rest of the most violent and hateful network in history, Fox news itself. So long, Nancy, and kiss my stoned ass!

  • dallenmcneely@gmail.com

    this nancy lady all I can say is what the hell is her excuse because she is fat so is she sitting around smoking pot and eating chips how stupid and niave,does she ever drink alcohol but that’s ok, I don’t smoke pot but you shouldn’t judge people either, I feel sad that she is so stupid

  • greg

    Pot smokers are fat? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. She looks like a fat painted clown from the circus LOL!!

  • http://yahoo Ervin

    I thought she was an idiot before this segment,sure of it now!

  • Zach

    Published just today on Yahoo. The 8th healthiest state in the USA is Colorado. #1 in thinnest #3 in Cardio. Where in the hell did her close minded, inept “studies” come from!!

  • Dena

    I’m not surprised that this was Nancy’s response. I am curious however, if she drinks alcohol? Alcohol kills many in this country and is restricted just as marijuana is in the states that it is legal in. Of course you don’t want your sitter or cab driver to be high but I wouldn’t want them drunk either and there are consequences for both. I too agree that there may be less stress and fights if people that do not drink alcohol had an outlet to relax. It’s a personal choice that neither the government or Nancy should make for us as long as alcohol is legal; it’s hypocritical wouldn’t you say.

  • marry

    I am neither fat or lazy and I find it very appalling that you can sit there judging all these people and you’ve never even smoked pot. So how would you know what people do while high? I personally like to read or even go on hiking trips while I smoke, not at all what I’d consider lazy. It’s just sad to see that a grown woman can throw such a ridiculous tantrum about something she obviously knows nothing about. I bet you even have friends and family that smoke and you just don’t know about it. I meet so many people that I never would have guessed they smoke but come to find out they do and they’re good responsible people just trying to live a happy life. So get over yourself and stop talking shit!

  • epifin8

    Every night this drama queen stuffs here pie hole with her favorite drug (sugar).