Naked TSA Protest: Oregon Judge Says Go For It

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Naked TSA Protest: Oregon Judge Says Go For It
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Naked TSA protest: The next time you feel the folks at the Transportation Security Administration are getting a little too frisky with their pat-down inspection, take off all of your clothes and show them you have nothing whatsoever to hide. That way there’s absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’re a law-abiding citizen. Just make sure you tell them you’re protesting their regulations before doing so. Otherwise, it may not be considered free speech.

When 50-year-old John E. Brennan was asked to submit to a pat-down inspection at Portland International Airport, he opted instead of shed every bit of clothing in protest of the TSA’s request. As a result of the ensuing nudity, Brennan was arrested on charges of indecent exposure. However, a judge on Wednesday ruled in favor of the naked protestor, claiming the man’s actions were a protected form of free speech.

“It is the speech itself that the state is seeking to punish, and that it cannot do,” Circuit Judge David Rees explained. Prosecutors, meanwhile, argue that Brennan did not announce his intentions to protest the TSA’s request until after his pants had hit the floor.

“I also was aware of the irony of taking off my clothes to protect my privacy,” Brennan sad. “They’re getting as close to seeing us naked as they can. And we are upping the ante. I wanted to show them it’s a two-way street. I don’t like a naked picture of me being available.”

However, before you start shedding clothes to irritate the nearest TSA agent, you should know that the court’s decision does not affect nudity laws in other jurisdictions. Although you might be able to cite this case as precedent, chances are you’re going to have a hard time getting your point across if you’re just getting naked for the sake of getting naked.

If you’re interested in reading some trivia about the Transportation Security Administration presented as an Infographic, take a look at the image embedded below.


Naked TSA Protest: Oregon Judge Says Go For It
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  • “Grateful

    It is sad when people lump people into a category. For example, the comment that government workers couldn’t make it in the private sector. In case you don’t understand you are including the faithful soldiers that are deployed in dangerous areas throughout the world to protect you. You are including civil servants that work endless hours investigating criminal activities that will impact your pocketbook, your safety, your everyday way of life. In every segment of society whether it is a government worker or not you will find people that are lazy, unintelligent, careless, you name it. To me it is not a good reflection on America when the people that serve you are so maligned. Walk a day in a dedicated, faithful, civil or military servant’s shoes. Be grateful that we are willing to listen to this S*** and still continue serving you. Not all government is bad. Without some laws and systems of control there would be complete anarchy. I agree there is room for improvement, but it seems there should be some decency of respect left.

  • http://google debbie young

    I hate to fly, and luckily have not been pulled aside for a pat down, thank god, because I am afraid of what my reaction will be..knowing me, I will certainly get arrested, because my first reaction will be to knock some one out, how dare they think that it is okay for them to molest people, and that is what it is, legal molestation. com’on a little old lady made to take her depends off, a little girl??? these tsa people are a joke, they are just wanna be’s, and I;m sure not trained at all…I truly pity one if I feel that they went to far. anyway inside my legs and you are definately going down…will gladly go to jail…

  • david

    The majority of you complaining about TSA procedures will be the first complaining about TSA not doing their job when something goes wrong! I really don’t understand what the big deal! Has anyone complaining seen the image the scanner produces? The majority of the people going through security do not complain, it is the very few that complain that make a big deal about it. The media is of no help either, they tend to exagerate the truth! I don’t think the TSA officers get paid enough, especially when they have to deal with people like the one’s leaving ignorant comments on here or having to lift someone’s stomach to search under it! Yuck!! you try doing that and see how you like it! I agree that there are some TSA officers that do not appreciate the job they have and make the rest look bad, but just like in all professions, you have those lazy uncaring workers that give the profession a bad name. there are cops, teachers, doctors, lawyers, priest and so on and so on………that give their profession a bad name! I am sure that some you posting on here are some of the people that give bad names to what ever your profession is. Don’t think it’s going to get any better for the TSA officers, the way Americans are eating nowadays and getting more obese will give a whole new meaning to layers of security! I don’t agree with the judges decision, I think they are just after public attention ( maybe they are running for office). Chill out people, don’t be such drama queens! Life is too short, enjoy it!

    • Fernando

      Ok David. You think that it is only certain lousy people that make the rest of you look bad. Tell me, have you ever denounced any those who give your ‘profession’ a bad name? Until you have done that, you are an accomplice to a system that is mostly in the business of harassing regular people. Guilty by association.

    • Susan Blanton

      No one knows what the long term health effects are of all of the radiation exposure emitted to passengers by these xray devices. Did you look above at the statistics? Seven out of ten weapons get through anyway. The whole Bush Era Patriot Act is a HUGE infringement on our rights as Americans. Particularly given the fact that the governments spends all manner of money to fund the TSA when they have been ineffective at really stopping terrorists from getting through. Why not dump the TSA security lines and put the money where it might be of better use. If the government was truly concerned about our well being, they would watch the drug companies better instead allowing nearly 200,000 people annually to die from bad Pharma drugs. I say dump the TSA and the FDA, they aren’t watching our backs in the least they just go through the motions to convince all of the sheeple in this country that they are actually doing something constructive with all those tax dollars. I am 100% behind this guy’s protest, enough is enough. It is like George Orwell’s 1984 with Big Brother watching our every move.

  • Fearless

    1) People don’t get stripped searched if u say u did your a damn liar. Only police officers do strip searches. So complain to them not TSA.
    2) Stop whinning you sound like a bunch of children.
    3) If u don’t like it don’t fly it’s that simple catch a bus or train.
    4) Everything u need to know is on their website to read up on before u fly.
    5) Grow up!!!!!

    • Susan Blanton

      Thats easier said then done, what about people that live on Islands like Hawaii or those in Alaska who don’t have road systems or bus transportation?

    • Fernando

      What a moronic comment. Please explain your motivation to defend a corrupted system. TSA is mostly populated by little people who try to feel important, and the losers call themselves ‘professionals’. They are genuinely convinced that they are somehow better citizens than us: the flying community that they are supposed to serve. We pay their salaries, not the other way around as they seem to believe.

    • bill

      Fearless you are truly a dumbass. How much of your liberty are you willing to give up. where you think they are going next dummy? Trains and buses. bet you change your tune when they start feeling up your teen-aged daughter when she goes into the local walmart; don’t think it can’t happen.

  • J

    Wow! lots of complaints about the TSA…I can’t believe that. Here’s what I wish they would do: I wish they would have two seperate planes for every scheduled flight. All the passengers on Plane A have to go through security. Plane B passengers would not have any security checks. You idiots can ride Plane B all you want.

    • Jim

      Well idiot,i worked for an airline at an international airport.And if you think having the tsa makes you safe your nuts!!! I could have went to the parking lot and put in my truck,a bomb as big as 2 suitcases and i could have driven it up to any plane i was working on and put it on the plane,in the cargo,or even in the cabin,and not get stoped by security once!! Most people arent mad about tsa security,there mad about all that we spend money on for them to do,and all the new scanners and patdowns they put in,and they are still imcompetant!! ?Most tsa agents had no training when they got hired,i worked with a few who went to tsa.No way does the tsa make you safe!

    • Susan Blanton

      I would take plane B any time because a 30% success rate at catching weapons by the TSA may as well be a zero success rate!! Did you just read the article and pass up the data?? Seven out of Ten guns get through the TSA anyway.

    • Fernando

      Please explain you motivation to defend a corrupted system. I assume that you dont fly very often. TSA is mostly populated by little people who try to feel important, and the losers call themselves ‘professionals’. They are genuinely convinced that they are somehow better citizens than us: the flying community that they are supposed to serve. We pay their salaries, not the other way around as they like to believe.

  • http://yahoo.com Donald Usher

    In 2011 me and my wife traveled to Maine from Denver and we had the worst treatment I have ever experienced in my life,and i think it helped to kill my wife. We traveled three times and all three times my wife needed a wheel chair because she had terrminal throat cancer and could die at any time, well we went through and they sepperated me and my wife and put her in a big machine and she couldnt stand up they took her cane away and i got really upset, Icould say alot more but it hurts me because I had to take her to maine for the last time because she died oct21,2011. I am very sad that a nice airport like dia would mistreat me and my wife the way they did. PS at least portland Me apologized and it wasnt them, she was only 46 years old

  • http://yahoo stan the man

    As an x tsa employee we were trained quite extensively and had to undergo a 15 year backround check could any of you do that also I had to work with a lot of couldnt be cop types they are very attracted to this type of work not much common sence there in training we had to practice searching each other the only thing less plesent is searching stangers and there bags which often have soiled under garments (big pieces of fecces or used fiminem products) strtegicly located in the bag so we might get something gross on us Between fake bombs de-miled gernades we were evacuating our X raying room 2 s week or more no heat and no ac sounds like a hoot to me and for what we got paid was a bad joke.

    • Fernando

      So, you are saying that because being a TSA agent is so unpleasant, people should not complain about being harassed. What a moronic line of thinking. Basically, you have confirmed what I always thought: TSA agents are mostly little people trying to feel important. Losers who could not get a better job, and like to call theirs a ‘profession’

  • http://webpronews bear

    Another bloated and useless government agency rising to a new level of ineptitude. Wait until the government gets ahold of health care. This would be funny if it weren’t so trajic. This and other stupidity will spell the end of this great country!

  • Fearless

    Also your not harassed if you already know whats going to happen. I also would like to ask where did we get this number >>30%<< at? Anyone care to answer or are you like sheep and just go along with everything you read. Knowledge is power and some of you sound pretty weak to me.

    • Fernando

      You continue to sound confused. WE, the flying community, are paying for this service (particularly the frequent fliers), so WE have the right to demand courtesy and efficiency. Not the other way around as most TSA agents like to think. WE have every right to denounce a corrupted system. I suppose that for people like you, the best day is that without passengers.

  • Fearless

    @ Jim u sound a lil upset, is it that u applied and couldn’t cut it….oh well and they do have training by the way. I think you need to relax n have a cocktail. @ Fernando why keep complaining their only doing their jobs. Their doing what they are told to do as with any other job. So like I said before these people need to stop whining it’s really not going to change anything. Oh and yes I travel all the time and it’s nothing to cry about.

  • Fearless

    I’m far from confused I know exactly what I’m talking about. I travel also just like the next guy. I feel better knowing that they are there doing their jobs then nothing at all. If u want to talk corrupt look around every job is corrupt in some form or fashion…..sorry you didn’t get the memo

    • Fernando

      Sorry, but you are still confused. The ‘bad’ is bad by itself. Not because there is something worse, the ‘bad’ becomes any better. Yes, the banking industry is very corrupt, but that does not make the TSA any less corrupted. They only exist to serve the flying public, nothing more than that. Treating everybody like a terrorist is an extremely misguided view of their function. They are in service industry, and as such are there to serve the flying community, nothing else. WE as paying customers are entitled to courtesy and deference. It is not just a few bad apples, it an institutional culture of arrogance what needs to be changed.

      • Fred

        They are NOT serving the flying public – they are also protecting citizens in office blocks from another 911. You flying community assholes think the world revolves around you.

  • R. P

    The TSA at the Salt lake city airport are racist and discrimatory…I’ve been checked for everything in the book.

    • steve

      If you aren’t white then I applaud their action.

      • Truthistruth

        @ steve.So let me get this straight if your white your right? Bullshit

        • me

          Have you NOT noticed the race of our home grown terrorists?

          And the latest one even has a nice smile. I’m white and I’m plenty concerned about extremist, sociopaths like one that decided to be Rambo in a movie theater.

          • Truthistruth

            Me I hear you.

  • http://yahoo kevin

    I just got back traveling from Texas to Hawaii….I’m grateful for the TSA….last thing i needed when i was at 35,000 feet moving at 300+mph was a terrorist standing up with a device in his hand saying …the plane was being hijacked……with the way things are these days,you can never be too careful.we are killing each other for no reason….geezzzz,looked what happened in colorado…

    • Fearless

      I totally agree

    • easterner

      Sorry to disagree, matter of fact 9/11 happened because people with money and power had forgotten that there are other people living on this planet and they need to be trained to live peacefully. Tell the bartender to act equally upon people, or else the poor will fight and ruin the world.

  • bill

    Baloney. You are secure from unreasonable searches. Having some man brush my balls as he gropes my thigh falls into this catagory. But maybe you believe the Constitution is a living document that can be changed or even ignored. If you do, you are not a patriot or much of an American. Wait till that 3 yr old is groped at the local WalMart. Don’t think that’s not on big sis’s agenda. Then whatcha gonna do?

  • wayne h.


    • Smarter than you

      Wanye, if you’re going to post things online please check your spelling. You sound like you work for TSA.
      WARE is WEAR.
      UNDER-WARE….is not hyphenated. UNDERWEAR.
      Now you know. Class dismissed.

      • Jo

        Oh shut the f*ck up grammar nazi.

      • http://yahoo.com billy

        Wayne really dude lets not be so citical of misspelling really?

        • Stan

          Heck with the spelling and grammar. Wayne does far better than most modern kids and graduates. May I point out, the optimum offensive front against the TSA would be extremely dirty, smelly, sexually stained underwear! It should be about two weeks before they closely search anyone else!

  • Judge

    The TSA is a joke. I accidentally left a knife in my carry on and no one caught it.

    Meanwhile they waste their time checking the baggage of little 90 year old American women while letting towel heads go through “because they don’t want to “profile” anyone”.

    Profiling is the way to go! The screeners should indeed profile people who look like terrorists, and leave the little old ladies alone for the most part – at least until there’s some evidence that little old ladies are a threat.

    The bottom line is that right now Arab looking people are the ones to screen and if they don’t like it they can go live in Saudi Arabia or Iraq or wherever.

    • The Honest Truth

      We live in an ass kissing country, god forbid anyone gets profiled!!! If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck chances are it’s a duck. im not saying lets go hunt down all the Arabs and everyother ethnicity, but i do believe in profiling. Everyone profiles unless you can’t see,hear,or smell or even feel. when you walk down the street and see someone sleeping on a bench in ragged clothes looking dirty,and smells like crap, you think homeless and/or poor. you don’t intentionally do it, its just natural. you see a stove with a burner switched on you think it is going to be too hot to touch. it might be unplugged or broken but for the most part it will be hot. everyone has profiled before and we always will,it isn’t negative, if we couldn’t then we would be running into walls. Its a part of life,chances are a 90 year old wearing a diaper in a wheelchair isn’t going to be a terrorist. And it is ridiculous to think that we shouldn’t scan people. if people want fair everyone should be subject to pat downs so we don’t have another hate racist bs thing on.until people wise up,just grit your teeth and deal.

    • asdf

      The should check you and people like you; you obviously just admitted to taking a knife onto an airplane. If they checked you they would have found it.

  • http://yahoo.com billy

    I personally think that being pat down is a secure a wy that no one has any devices on there person, but I also beleieve that if they want to be that thorough they they have the x-ray machine that shows what on the body, except for internal oriffices if you know what i mean , man anybody can put at least something where there is no visibleity (lol) I have to say man i am very proud of the nakedness of the ths passenger you go man (lol) maybe they will not do it again at least I hope

    • Ben

      People have been killing each other since the beginning of time. Something the youngsters learned from history?

  • http://yahoo.com billy

    Flying now days is a every day event you never ever know whether you are going to make your final destination or not and thats pretty sad the world is going crazy why can not people love pne another instead of trying to kill humans I just do not understand what the hell is going on with our youger generation,

  • http://idk the guy named chris

    one eyes,rings and 3 sixs……hmmmmmmmmm

  • christine

    why did they prosecute him? really…really…he got pissed…stripped his clothes off because the TSA sucks and we ALL know it…move on…deal with some real crimes….

    • http://saythefourth.wordpress.com Say the Fourth

      Ha! I had a big metal fork in my bag that I had forgotten I had put in there. The TSA didn’t catch it, but a foreign, 3rd world airport with much less sophisticated technology DID! Unbelievable.

  • Chris H

    I just have to say that in may, last time i flew, i was pulled aside for extra screening, and later in the terminal i realized i had TWO pocket knives in my bag, great job TSA.

  • The Honest Truth

    Really , this is extremely immature! people this guy isn’t a hero he’s, disgusting and vile. exposing himself in a public place! protest or not, think of the children having to see a 50 year old’s genitals when they are ready to get on their way to a vacation destination!! there are better ways to protest! Take Peewee Herman for example, he was masturbating in public and got arrested for it, if he said he was protesting against internet porn, should he get off scoff free? Tip to those who dislike TSA don’t like it don’t fly, take a boat, or a train, or a car.Im pretty sure no one wants to see a 5o year old’s disgusting body. Remember people have to do this job on a regular basis,im sure the people would rather not see your naked body or else they would ask everyone to get naked. People who make it a big deal are those who, are immature minded. suck it up and deal with it. BTW I Fly on a regular basis and without problem. they are asking to do a pat down, not a prostate exam! i have had the pat down done to me 3 times,takes a minute after that i was on my way.

    • http://YAHOO Brian

      You sir may like the fact that you are being gropped and others don’t. I myself would be arrested. The TSA ought to be more considerate but then again the TSA is a governmental runned organization.

      • Yuri

        With all due respect, do you prefer to get pat down or die? I Mean if they don’t touch you well, the TSA people might not find what you are hiding, and your not probably the bad guy, but what about if is a terrorist? the whole plane might explode?

        I mean if you prefer that no ones gets pat down and die cool. thats your choice.

      • Kane

        The TSA is disgusting and ville. That’s the point.

    • Jeremy Azzopardi

      I’ll bet you any amount of money that kids DO NO GIVE A DAMN. If you can’t deal with seeing a naked body, you are one prude. You;re an idiot.

    • Over 50 and beautiful

      Who do you think you are calling a 50 year old body discusting and vile. I am over 50 and my body is not discusting or vile. You on the other hand are discusting and vile for thinking that anyone over fifty is discusting and vile. I can’t wait until you are 50 years old. With a mind as your is I hope you find your body discusting and vile when you reach the age of fifty.

  • Haywood JaBlome

    The Tsa is another way for big brother to gain control over our short futile lives. The United States used to be a great place, and sometime after WWII We began a backslide into a second rate nation. Lazy persons who do not vote, do not care, allow gummers, and minorities to vote total AAS Shoals into government thereby allowing the padding of a few individuals pockets. So long as the american people are FAT dumb and happy, this will continue. Just like the government using everyones
    money all year long; and then at income tax time the big Eagle shits, and the cycle resets. I say Privatize security! Cut the Fleecers off!

  • me

    um. “terrorists” only have to come up through the mexican or canadian lax borders. t.s.a. is B.S.

  • me

    all that “terrorists” have to do is come up through mexico or canadian borders. t.s.a. is B.S.

  • April

    I’m a 64 year old woman. I have done a lot of international as well as national air travel over the past 20 years. Ever since 9/11 I have been pulled aside and searched every single time I go through the airport security/ boarding gate. It gets to be tireing and I don’t understand why they always pick me. Oh yes, I’m a WASP so it can’t be profiling. My husband says they do it to prove they aren’t profiling, but you’d think they would pick someone else once in a while. I might as well be naked as they make me open my pants and lift my shirt.

  • Reggie

    I think its time to stop focusing on the TSA agents at the airport and focus on the people who are really responsible for us having go through this, that is the terrorist. The local TSA agent is not the enemy, its those who want to see our way of life destroyed and want all americans dead and will kill themselve in the process of doing it. Let’s face it would you get on a plane without it being checked? I think its time to stop focusing on the TSA agents at the airport and focus on the people who are really responsible for having us go through this, “That is the terrorist“. That TSA agent in the airport isn’t the enemy, its those who want to see our way of life destroyed and want all Americans dead and will kill themselves in the process of doing it. Let’s face it, there is no turning back now, Would you get on a passenger plane without it being checked? Whether its the TSA or private screening company you still gonna have to go through the same damn thing. Another thing about this is, that dumb*** Judge that rule in the old mans favor have no morals himself and obviously condone the this type of behavior. A judge is suppose to stand up for that which is right, not condone ignorance. The truth is all you that cry, moan, and bit** about flying, if you don’t like flying, don’t fuc**ng fly, ITS THAT DAMN SIMPLE! Its time to grow up and shut the F**k up. Stop ya whining bit*hes!!!

    • Fernando

      Please explain you motivation to defend a corrupted system. WE, the flying community, are paying for this service (particularly the frequent fliers), so WE have the right to demand courtesy and efficiency. Not the other way around as most TSA agents like to think. WE have every right to denounce a corrupted system. They are totally convinced that they are somehow better citizens than us: the flying community that they are supposed to serve.
      They only exist to serve the flying public, nothing more than that.
      Treating everybody like a terrorist is an extremely misguided view of their function. They are in service industry, and as such are there to serve the flying community, nothing else. WE as paying customers are entitled to courtesy and deference. It is not just a few bad apples, it an institutional culture of arrogance what needs to be changed.

      • Doug

        How long have you worked for TSA? I am glad you found a job, but do you really thing destroying the rights we enjoy under the constitution are worth it? Look at the numbers, no terrorist have been stopped, and why won’t they let you wear a dosimeter to measure the radioactivity you are being exposed to while you work there ? Enjoy your cancer, hope your job is worth it.

  • Bagby777

    I was present, in person, for the entire trial, and you need to correct your story. The judge found John’s actions to be “symbolic or communicative” and therefore protected speech, though he didn’t verbally advise he was protesting until *after* he’d removed his clothing.

    A key point of the entire decision is that “symbolic or communicative action” is protected speech, whether or not words are used. This is sensible and necessary, otherwise mute people would have no right to free expression, nor would any form of art other than spoken poetry. Obviously neither is true.

    Please correct your story.

  • rudy

    The TSA stole my knife $80 pissed away and lost my wife’s Christmas present in the scanner ($200 Swarovski necklace and earrings) and searched? for the gift bag until I could no longer delay getting on the plane. I’m sure someone with the TSA is enjoying those. Gee and they wonder why I no longer want to fly.


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