MySQL Gets Telecom-Specific

    September 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Due to demand, MySQL AB announced the expansion of its telecom-specific services and consulting for MySQL software. Specifically, the company is promoting its MySQL Cluster, a high-end version of the standard database designed for fault-tolerant, mission-critical network and telecommunications applications at carrier-grade.

The MySQL Server and MySQL Cluster are used for a range of networking and telecommunications applications, including those for enterprise network management, Home Location Registry (HLR), and Voice over IP (VoIP).

“As the telecom and networking markets are converging, companies are being forced to operate more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction,” said Ulf Sandberg, MySQL AB’s vice-president of worldwide services.

The company has added MySQL Cluster Jumpstart Packaged Consulting for advice in methodologies and expertise in database clustering, replication, fail-over, fault-tolerance and other high availability techniques to “jumpstart” telecommunications database projects.

There is also Custom Telecom Consulting for large telecommunications projects or those with company-specific requirements to successfully implement MySQL and MySQL Cluster-based projects, including on-site projects. Also offered is MySQL Certified Support, a 24-hour customer service contact.

The company is rounding out the last month of its Call for Participants for the 2007 MySQL Conference & Expo, slated for April 2007. The call ends November 7.

At the conference, the company says there will be presentations on the following subjects:

Harness the full power of MySQL, including best practices

Optimize the performance of MySQL

Learn and use the newest features in MySQL

Learn how to best administer MySQL

Learn from experts who use MySQL in various real-world application architectures

Building High Availability solutions using MySQL

Migrate from proprietary databases to MySQL

Gain knowledge of the newest web development techniques and languages

Employ scale out through Replication, Clustering, and other tools

Learn more about the many excellent MySQL community projects

Enterprise database administration and security

Data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) technology

Pluggable storage engine development and optimization

MySQL Cluster

Replication and scale-out solutions

Cluster and other High Availability solutions

Web 2.0 and emerging web technologies

Telecom and VoIP applications

How community members can contribute to MySQL

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