MySpace’s Recent Growth

    October 10, 2006

Advertising Age notes in a recent article that the 35-54 demographic now accounts for no less than 40.6% of MySpace usage, and that the teen 12-17 cohort has been cut by more than half, now accounting for only 11.2% of usage. Uh oh. Does that sound hip and youthful to you?

(In other news, Saturday Night Live’s primary demographic is now between 68 and 96, coincidentally the average age of its most famous past cast members. But I still think the show is pretty funny. And just by the by, I recently remarked that Fred Armisen looks just like Ugly Betty — before he played her as “Fuggly Betsy” on the show.)


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In 1999 Andrew co-founded, an acclaimed “guide to portals” which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.