MySpace’s Answer to Facebook Connect

    December 9, 2008
    Chris Crum

MySpace has launched its answer to Facebook Connect with the MySpace Open Platform. This is the broader suite of products that includes the MySpace Application Platform, ‘MySpaceID’ (formerly Data Availability) and Post-To MySpace.

MySpace Open Platform

"We’ve seen the evolution of the Web move from curated experiences to personalized start pages and now we’re in the age of identity management. MySpace is uniquely positioned as the leader in the future of the global social Web by both representing our users’ social lives and by aggregating the world’s people, content, and culture. The MySpace Open Platform frames our vision for the future of the social Web," says Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace.

MySpaceID on AOL

MySpaceID is the real meat of the package. Right now it supports AOL (pictured above), Flock, Eventful, Flixster, Yoono, and others, but it also takes advantage of of both Open Standards (OpenSocial, OAuth, and OpenID) and Google Friend Connect. It allows users to:

– Connect MySpace profile data to partner sites (Now available)

– Find MySpace friends on a partner site (Now available)

– Register on partner sites using their MySpace URL

– Publish activities from partner sites to MySpace

– Syndicate activities on MySpace to partner sites

"We’re excited to work with MySpace on their integration of MySpaceID with Google Friend Connect", said David Glazer, Engineering Director at Google. "The beauty of open standards (OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial) is how easy they make it for users anywhere on the web to connect with the people they care about."

MySpace has also formed partnerships with Vodafone and Netvibes for MySpaceID support. The Vodafone agreement in particular should be big for the mobile use of this product. Developers can learn more about using MySpaceID here.