MySpace, Weather Channel Make Friends

    October 2, 2007

When I’m feeling surrounded by bad sitcoms, stupid movies, and unimportant news, I can (assuming I don’t grab a book or turn to my computer) count on The Weather Channel to provide me with a reliable viewing experience.  And now MySpace users can count on a sort of online equivalent.

 MySpace, Weather Channel Make Friends
MySpace, Weather Channel Make Friends

According to a press release, The Weather Channel Interactive was “selected by MySpace ( as its weather provider.  As a result of the agreement, MySpace has developed a weather section powered by, available through a link on its home page and on every user’s personal home page.”

The release later continues, “The MySpace weather section ( will feature current conditions and 5-day forecasts as well as national and regional maps, weather headlines and weather and climate related video content.  Users will have the ability to select weather conditions for up to five locations so that they can easily track weather associated with their friends and family.”

Compared to all the dancing pixies and glitter that litter MySpace, this is an extremely practical development.  Of course, typing into the address bar wasn’t a huge inconvenience, and there are also weather apps for Facebook, so don’t look for this to turn any sort of tide.

Hat tip to Mashable’s Andy Angelos.