MySpace Too Popular For Del Mar

    April 24, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX, have blocked access to the popular social networking site MySpace over the huge bandwidth hit the college’s network takes.

As much as forty percent of the traffic moving on Del Mar’s network involved MySpace, and that was enough to prompt the small school to ban a big problem causer.

Some students, like one cited in the AP article about the ban, have found the restriction less than welcome:

“We pay for school and the resources that are used,” said Zeke Santos, 20. “It’s our choice, we’re the ones paying for our classes. If we pass or fail, it’s up to us.”

MySpace poses what one might call an “attractive nuisance,” similar to a backyard swimming pool in a neighborhood full of scorched lawns. A library full of people posting and viewing MySpace sites won’t get much work accomplished, but will consume the school’s bandwidth.

“This was more about us being able to offer Web-based instruction, and was slowing everything down,” President Carlos Garcia said in the report. Several complaints about slow Internet speeds prompted an investigation. Logfiles pointed several accusing fingers at MySpace.

While a few larger schools have banned sites that encourage the trading of copyrighted works, this may be the first time one has banned an otherwise legal site just for bandwidth use. If the school plans to expand its online learning to some of the more modern applications available, they probably need to start planning for higher bandwidth costs anyway.

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