MySpace To Sell “24”

    May 15, 2006

MySpace is diversifying yet again. The Internet social network has announced plans to begin selling episodes of the hit Fox show “24.” This move comes as part of an effort to grow the company into a business entity comparable to Yahoo or iTunes.

MySpace is one of the fastest-growing properties on the Web. Its website holds claim to about 38.4 million unique users, according to the latest Nielsen//NetRatings report, which represents a year-over-year growth rate of an astonishing 367 percent. The company recently released a beta version of an instant-messaging network comparable to AIM or Yahoo! Messenger, which may further solidify its hold on its (largely) teen demographic.

The episodes of “24” will be sold for $1.99 each, and shows from seasons one through five will be available. Yet another large corporation will be involved, as two free episodes will be available through the sponsorship of Burger King Holdings.

MySpace and Fox are both owned by News Corp. Fox has also reached an agreement to make episodes available through iTunes, presumably at the going rate of $1.99 per show. 14 percent of Web traffic visits iTunes, while the ten largest Web social networks (of which MySpace is the definite juggernaut) reach 45 percent of Internet users.

If “24” sells well on MySpace, it could represent an important shift for the company. Up to this point, MySpace has generally made its money by collecting advertising revenue. A success in video sales would prove the website capable of actively selling content. And with its huge user base, this could, a long ways down the road, help MySpace become the 800-pound gorilla in yet another market.

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