MySpace Suicide Mom Indicted

Faces 20 years

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The woman whose bizarre MySpace hoax led to a 13-year-old girl’s suicide was indicted today on federal charges. If convicted on all counts, Lori Drew could face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

The country was stunned by the alleged actions of Drew some months back when news broke of the sadistic mind game she was playing with a neighborhood teenager and classmate of her daughter. Posing as a teenage boy, the 49-year-old Drew is said to have rejected the romantic interest of Megan Meier and told her the world would be better off without her. Meier later hanged herself.

Drew was indicted today by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles. She faces one count of conspiracy and three counts of accessing protected computers without authorization to obtain information to inflict emotional distress. If convicted, Drew faces a maximum of five years for each count.

According the Los Angeles Times, there may be some jurisdictional issues. Though indicted by a federal grand jury, Drew’s attorney wondered why the indictment didn’t come through Missouri, where Drew resides.

MySpace Suicide Mom Indicted
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  • Guest

    It’s a tragedy for the Meier’s to lose their child due to some childish prank conceived by Lori Drew.  I’m glad there is still justice coming out of this tragedy.  Being shunned by your community, losing your ad business,  the world knows what a despicable person she is.  Has she shown remorse?  She still needs to be held accountable for her actions to the fullest extent of the law.   You can’t bring back Megan, but I’ll settle for Ms Drew  going to prison.  I hope it’ll also send a message to people using the Web under false pretenses. 

  • Guest

    I think 20yrs is too much. Yes what she did was horrible, but she didn’t kill the girl, the child was suffering from depression and other things.

    I’m not saying that what the woman did is right, but that kind of prison time isn’t right either.

    If it’s not safe for children to use the internet, then I guess they should be 18 to use it.

    • RM

      You think 20 years is TOO much?  Do you have a child with depression/adhd? Have you ever experienced losing a child? Have you ever experienced suicide? Do you even have children?

      We are talking about an ADULT who knew better when she did this. She was a NEIGHBOR. THIS MONSTER had person knowlege of the child who committed suicide and YOU think 20 years is TOO much?

      WOW……….. I hope everything in your part of the world remains perfect.

  • Another fellow Surfer

    The editors at most old media social networking sites should also be charged with various offences, first being that of a system in provision to discredit other ideals, or another person for commercial or political gains.

    eg 1, Mediawiki is known to be funded by Unions and other interest groups who force members to donate money.  When in Government the same groups then seek to remove all tax regulation, and achive a tax free advertisment web site portal.  While the software is a good product the operation of wikipedia is the complete opsite and is funded by the KKK and other groups all of which are permitted to obtain higher ranking in the prymid scheme.  There are also several game systems with the same intent (you may notice the US Army games and many others have social functions removed, or provide a primitive interaction only).

    In 2001 MSNChat was removed because of these very same facts – and worse that included even rape, child abuse, and murder as a direct result of interactions performed under accout license that allowed the provider also advertise political ideals like fake green power while never reducing use of junk mail (that supports fake recycling and price fixing scheme funded initaly by tax payers after law changes) in Microsoft and Apple product promotions, and sell back end product to the medical department your family visited to see you in ER with that Big Blue machine which goes bing (check your local ISP for 3d)???

    Yahoo operates G rated TV shows with advertisment to Adult rated web sites that contain message boards, or other user interation methods – some described above.

    Google operates no advertisment portal on old media to trap users (thus is exempt in this example).

    Oh, just for an example – people argue over stupid things like ‘string of ball’ vs ‘ball of string’, while both are correct – both are stupid, and serve no ideal but that of greed – thus if both are jailed then society may see just a little justice in the dictatorship of the ‘free world’ run by the above the law old media mafia barrons.

    pmsl what a joke! Give rupard 20 years first!

    • Still surfn and spelling bad

      In my country – Old media asserts:

      blogging is the function of noting ideals. (so everyone is a nut) 

      myspace is advertised as friends with akin ideals

      wikipedia is advertised as the worlds formost encyclipedia (try looking up INTERNET and skip the L secion that contains LAWS)

      telstra ibm sl is free-speach-impaired aid for terrorists..

      9msn says ebay is safe and the internet contains evil code you could never understand..

  • Guest

    I always thought that the first amendment to the U.S. constitution gave everyone the right to tell any damn lie they wanted.  This indictment tells me I may have been wrong all this time.  I have mixed feelings about that.

  • Guest

    I don’t think what happened is right in no means, but it’s just as much her parents falt as Lories. I a child gets online and watches a xxx episode every day and decides it what they want to do because of the xxx videos and goes out and gets pregnant, is it the falt of the xxx videos online?

    NO …. It’s the falt of the patent for not monitoring what the child watches online. Even if it sounds like it’s a little boy conversing with the child online, the parents should always know what is being said in the chats.

    I’m and not trying to say the parents are the blain here as she made her own mind up to do what happened, but if the parents would have known what was being said in the chat they wouls of nipped the conversation long before it came to this.

    Let this horrible lose be a lesson to the rest of use.


    • Parent
      Please note this is response to the post "Parents need to pay attention" only.
      Are you a parent?  To make a comment that it’s the parent’s fault for not monitoring a child is very wrong of you to make.  That’s the problem of the world. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions.  You mention video game companies, TV, etc. Yes, they are just as much responsible for how a child is influenced.  A parent can only do so much and children are being influenced by their environment. It takes a village to raise a child.  I volunteer with the organization Big Brother Big Sister.  My little sister wants to dress provocatively as she’s seen a celebrity female. Her mother, my husband, and I sat down and had a conversation to convince her that its inappropriate to dress like that.  She still wants to and it’s a constant battle. It takes a village to raise a child.
      For those of you that say parents should do this and parents should do that need to realize who the parents are.  Not everyone has two loving parents that monitor their children’s every action. Some kids are raising children. Some parents are single parents. Some grandparents are raising their grand kids. Some neighbors are raising children who parents are never home.  Some TVs are a child’s parents. Some parents don’t have the same morals that you have. Not to mention the kids who are working to take care of their parents and siblings. It takes a village to raise a child.  People need to take responsibility for their actions.  I am a product of society. I’m not perfect but I make sure that I try to instill a positive influence on my children, their friends, and the kids that I encounter. If I see kids doing wrong I don’t turn the other cheek. I speak up and out because it takes a village to raise a child.

      A loving parent to all.

  • http://wordsforhirellc.com Karen Swim

    This tragedy has many lessons for all of us.  There are no winners in this trial only losers.  Lori Drew is an adult and even if this had not ultimately ended in Megan’s death, her actions were irresponsible.  Adults are supposed to teach and lead children to right actions not join in childish pranks.  Parents absolutely must be vigilant in what their children do online but we must also be realistic about the amount of policing that is humanly possible.  No parent knows what their children are up to 24 hours per day. The posts in my understanding would not have raised red flags but appeared to be a harmless teen romance.  The lesson to us all is that our words and actions can be harmful.  You never know what someone is dealing with mentally or emotionally.  Mean comments, ugly words and "harmless" pranks can prove t be fateful. 

  • Guest

    13-year-old girl’s suicide <— The term of use says 14 and up!

    Myspace accepts registrations from people 14 years and older, I think is crazy how can you allowed a 14 year old kid to join a social website, they don’t even know how to deal with there emotions there are kids.

    People breakup and find new loves, what about if the kid was a real person saying he did not want to go out anymore would they charge him with murder or who do you blame?

    I think Myspace should edit there terms of use and do something about this, that is no place for a 14 year old kid to be in.

    Yes parents can monitor and prevent many things, but kids learn many things fast and myspace is only showing them one thing, and if you smart enought you should know this two.

    The lady was wrong on playing a joke like this and she will be put in prison for her actions, but that will not fix the problem in hand, a site like Myspace, Black Planet, Mi Gente is not place for kids at all if you ask me, they should only allowed people that can deal with there emotions and old enought to get into and online relationship, with a person you don’t even know.

    She broke the terms she is 13 and she is dead now, who do you blame myspace for not monitoring there registrations, the little girls family for not monitoring there little girl, who knows but think and decide.

    We play jokes on people all the time!

    • Guestheather

      My space is NO place for anyone under 18! That is the way it should be. The woman who played the joke is so wrong. What kind of woman plays a joke like that on a child.

      I feel for the parents, I couldn’t imagine, but…

      Point being, the parents and the woman were wrong. There is no reason that the parents weren’ty monitoring where their child was at online and if they new..OMG! Everyone knows the internet is FULL of weird,sick people I mean look at all the news headlines about child molesters on myspace. What the hell ar eparents thinkin??? I am a single mother of 3 girls, the oldest 10. I have the computer set to only go to a few sites for them and the REST are blocked. DUH, it’s not that hard. What happened to parent sdoing everything in their power to protect their children?

      • RM

        I could never in my life imagine losing a child.  My heart goes out to the mom and dad AND the little girl who lost HER sister. I have experienced what suicide does to a family-my father took his own life.

        I am also a single parent with (3) boys. My oldest son went through a depression stage when he and his first "real" girlfriend broke up. She told everyone at school horrible things about him that were not true. By the way: he was diagnosed at age 4 with ADHD/behavior disorder.  I told him that he may as well hear it from me because no one else would ever tell him the truth like I will. I explained that kids are so cruel and they will say lots of things about you that are not only outright lies but also downright hurtful in the worst ways and that he is going to have at least 99 more girlfriends by the time he gets to college and just ignore what they say. AND After breaking up with his 2nd girlfriend he started to think "well, maybe mom was right". AND After the 3rd girlfriend "he knew – MOM WAS RIGHT"  I think as PARENTS – we need to stop sugar coating everything and tell them the truth. Life does not always work out the way we want it or if it did we wouldn’t have any UPS and DOWNS. It’s so unfortunate that we have kids that are bullying other kids but when a PARENT starts bullying KIDS there is something wrong with that parent. I think that classifies them as a MONSTER.

        To the woman who created "Josh". You knew when you did this that it was wrong. YOU ARE A MOTHER. How can you even justify yourself for something like this. You knew the delicate stage that Megan was going through and YOU chose to ignore that.

        I also have to say that I have my computer set up in my bedroom with a lock on the door and my kids are not allowed to use the internet unless I am sitting next to them as they are playing a game. My children will be the only kids in the US that are not allowed a myspace page/account. If they want to find out what it’s like after they become adults and get their own place then that is their business. This is one headache that I choose not to have.

  • http://wildheartsworks.com Joe Cheray

    First off I want to say I stay off of MySpace. The few times I visited the site I picked up nasty bugs in my PC. Second MySpace is a breeding ground for hacks, pedophiles and whack jobs.

    I am not heartbroken about not being able to chat on MSN either. I never liked their chat interface.

    Now on to how I feel about this issue. I am a single parent. I DO NOT allow my 8 yr old son on my computer here at home if he wants computer time he gets enough of it at school. If what he does infect their PC’s then they have people there that can fix the problem. My son is allowed to have free reign on the TV as he has demonstrated good choices in what he chooses to watch. He likes to watch Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and sometimes Nickleodian. He demonstrates good decision making in picking out age appropriate video games and movies. Trust me lol he actually looks at the ratings on the back of the games.

    I do let him on the PC at the church library as there is always someone popping in and out who knows him and acts like a third eye for me when I am at a meeting elsewhere in the building.

    I see kids at my sons school who can’t be more than 10 yrs old who have cell phones. If your at school you don’t need a cell phone especially at 10 yeears of age. If my son doesn’t feel good the school calls me to let me know he needs to be picked up. There is a phone in the office for children to use if they absolutly need to call their parants and our secretary does ask the children who they need to call and why before she agrees to let them use it.  And quite frankly if your 10 the only person you need to be calling at school is your parents.

    Kids these days are allowed to much free reign to technology that they don’t yet fully understand the social and emotional impact on the use of and which they still need gauidance and structure in order to learn how to master the responsibilty of using these technolgies.

    So seriously who should be held responsible the parents or parental figure in this girls life along with the woman who committed the acts that led to the girl committing suicide. I also think MySpace needs to really be held accountable in such a fashion they would have to be fined such an exhorbetant amount of money that it would force them to liquidate their assets in a way that would bankrupt them and make them close up shop.

     The idea that it takes a village to raise a child can also be seen as somewhat of an easy way to pass the buck and allow for no one taking responsibilty for anything. Being a parent isn’t easy to be sure I know that from experience being a single parent is even harder and my grandparents were the ones that raised us, but at what point does common sense eventually finally take hold.


    • Guest

      Your old-fashioned and elitist view of the world is undoubtedly adversely affecting your child. Please learn a little about how the world operates now instead of living in the 19th century.

      • http://wildheartsworks.com Joe Cheray

        MMM I am fully aware of how things operate here in the year 2008. I am far from an elitist I am a single parent on a fixed income who was raised by grandparents born before the depression who had to live through the depression and knew first hand how to make a buck stretch. Despite his shortcomings which were many my grandfather knew how to save money. I grew up in the school of hardknocks my friend I was forced to leave home at the age of 15 because I was being molested by my grandfather. Everyone stood by and ignored what was going on and it took drastic measures to get out of the situation I was in. My grandfather was never held accountable for his actions ever. Never got a slap on the wrist even. By the way I do know what an  xbox 360 is,Wii,PS3,NIntendo DS MP3 PC’s MAC to name a few technologies that had not been invented yet in the 70’s. I grew up with 8 tracks, Vinyl, and pong. We got three channels maybe four as I lived in a small town and cable hadn’t been invented yet.

        Despite the major ass that he was I did learn some lessons in my childhood so if sticking to my old fashioned ways that I was raised with and passing those old fashioned beliefs on to my son makes him a better person than so be it. I am far from an elitist.



  • Guest

    This is more of a reply to the comments than the article itself.

    The fact that this happened on myspace means nothing. If she did this by posing as a penpal would you be against letter writing for teenagers? Suggest bringing the Post Office up on charges? Still blaming the world for your screwed up kids that YOU can’t reach?

    I’m a parent with 2 great kids who aren’t screwed up. Why aren’t they screwed up? Because when they do something wrong the only blame is on them and us (their parents). What can they learn from the lesson that their problems are all the fault of TV, movies, and the internet other than how to say, "It’s not my fault"? To me this is a simple concept and I’m shocked when parents with problem children argue against it.

    Maybe the fact that me and my wife share this attitude is one of the reasons we can keep it together enough to NOT be single parents.

  • Guest

    its good that this woman is going to get something out of it besides having to live with what the outcome was of this childish prank. as for the parents of this 13 year old girl who died they will have to live with the fact they wasnt interested in their daughters life ENOUGH so they will have to live in their own personal hell. people get imprisoned over abusing pets and killing them why should a human life be of less importance.

  • Guest

    20 years is NOT enough!!! What she did was purely despicable! It’s called sending a message – too bad for her that will cost her prison time. Will the family of this little girl get her back in 20 years? Not EVER, so why should this woman’s family get her back. Stupidity is costly!!! As far as I’m concerned, people do things in this society and aren’t the least bit afraid of their consequences, and this disturbing trend has to stop. Please.

  • http://businessclix.blogspot.com/ barry

    myspace is infested with pervs, hackers, sickos, spam, ..this is no place for kids. i have mixed feelings about this situation

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