MySpace Still Has Committed User Base

    October 24, 2007

The casual social networker has probably figured out that Facebook, or even LinkedIn, is the place to be.  A number of people remain committed to MySpace, however, and that number actually appears to be growing.

These individuals have visited,, and (among as many as 110 other sites) in an effort to spruce up their profiles.  comScore’s stats put visits to this “Total Unduplicated MySpace Ecosystem” at 11,928 in September of 2007; in September of 2006, only 8,800 visits were made.

A similar rise occurred in the category of “Duplicated – 2 or More Sites”: the number increased from 3,460 to 5,008 in the span of a year.  These are increases of 36 and 45 percent, respectively; it hardly needs saying, but that’s fairly impressive.

It’s also part of a trend of improvements at MySpace.  In the past few days, we’ve seen the social network launch its first original series, announce a new gaming channel, and plan a huge expansion.  A broader pattern may go against this grain – Peter Kafka notes that “Rupert Murdoch seems to have reduced the web unit’s FY 08 revenue goals” and “[u]nique visitors at MySpace seem to finally have peaked this summer” – but MySpace’s most dedicated users seem unwilling to leave it just yet.