MySpace, Sony BMG (Finally) Make Deal

    October 16, 2007

Thanks to a new deal between MySpace and Sony BMG, users of the social network should gain special access to streaming music videos, and other odds and ends, including limited audio content, may also become available.

MySpace, Sony BMG (Finally) Make Deal
MySpace, Sony BMG (Finally) Make Deal

This arrangement probably should have been made four months ago, when Sony Pictures Television joined with MySpace and Honda to create some “minisodes.”  It also would have fit into ongoing events a little more recently, when Sony BMG signed a deal with little old Imeem.

Still, despite whatever foot-dragging took place, it would seem that Sony BMG and MySpace are happy to finally be together, and according to Staci D. Kramer, “[t]he two companies will share sponsorship and ad revenues generated by the music videos and profile pages.”

Music lovers should also be pleased; although many of the deal’s details remain unknown, an official statement mentioned past MySpace events involving a lot of big names, including Tenacious D, Velvet Revolver, and Bruce Springsteen.  We can only hope that this quality will be maintained.

From a more businesslike perspective, it seems that this arrangement, if handled properly, could become an important development in MySpace’s war with Facebook.