MySpace Sees Big Numbers On Election Night

    November 5, 2008

MySpace has some fairly big numbers to brag about after the election.

On election night MySpace had 300 million more page views than last Tuesday and over 2 million visits to its MySpace election coverage on MySpace Decision08.

While both candidates had profiles on MySpace, Obama will be the first president on MySpace.

Probably the statistic that matters the most is that MySpace registered over 300,000 new voters via a partnerships with Rock the Vote, Declare Yourself and The Ultimate College Bowl.

At last count President Elect Obama had almost 850,000 friends on the National Obama MySpace page and close to 60 official profiles (1 for each state and numerous for each constituency).

After Obama participated in the MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogue in Iowa in October 2007, his polling numbers went up.

While we have talked about how the Internet in general shaped the 2008 Presidential Election, social media also clearly played a role.