MySpace Partners With Dark Horse Comics

    July 27, 2007

MySpace and Dark Horse Comics have partnered to launch a new online comic book, "MySpace Dark Horse Presents."

MySpace Partners With Dark Horse Comics
MySpace Partners With Dark Horse Comics

"Dark Horse Comics, with a dedicated fan base and history of innovative comic properties, is the ideal partner for MySpace," said Shawn Gold, SVP of Marketing for MySpace.

"We are thrilled to help resurrect Dark Horse Presents in its new digital format and continue the long and storied legacy of this comic institution classic."

The August issue of "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" will be available today on MySpace.  Comics in the first issue include "Sugar Shock", a new comic from artist Fbio Moon and Joss Whedon, creator of  "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Samurai" by Ron Marz and Luke Ross, and "Comic-Con Murder Mystery" by Rick Geary.

The comics in future issues of "Myspace Dark Horse Presents" will include both established comic creators and amateurs. Editors from Myspace and Dark Horse Comics will search MySpace profiles for new artists to feature in upcoming issues. New issues will be available on MySpace the first week of every month.

"Just over 20 years ago, we published our first comic, Dark Horse Presents #1. Our goal was to bring new and talented creators to the forefront of comics culture, and also to give industry luminaries a chance to retain the rights to their work" said Mike Richardson, president and founder of Dark Horse Comics.

"Years later, with that same goal in mind, we are reviving this title online, with the help of, whom we feel may be the most culturally relevant website on the net."