MySpace Names New Pres. Of Sales And Marketing

    April 22, 2008

A lot of job titles sound completely made-up and superfluous; "President of Sales and Marketing" does not.  Still, the title is at least new at MySpace, and Jeff Berman is the man whose business cards will carry it.

MySpace Sales And Marketing
 Jeff Berman

Berman previously worked as MySpace’s executive vice president of marketing and content.  It seems he was busy, with the launch of MySpaceTV and partnerships involving four different shows getting attached to his name.

Chris DeWolfe, the company’s CEO and co-founder, stated, "Jeff has shown a tremendous ability to step into any leadership role at MySpace and thrive.  He has been the driving force behind some of MySpace’s most successful and innovative branded marketing initiatives and his passion and supreme knowledge of the online space continue to serve as a crucial asset to our team."

Not everyone’s so confident – Henry Blodget points out that Berman doesn’t appear to have any sales experience – but it should be interesting to see what the new president of sales and marketing can do.  After all, MySpace hasn’t been as profitable as Rupert Murdoch hoped, and Facebook’s $15 billion valuation is still floating around out there.

It seems Berman will be based in Los Angeles, yet expects to do quite a bit of traveling.