MySpace, MTV Ready For Presidential Dialogues

    September 19, 2007

MySpace and MTV have announced details of their first Presidential Candidate Dialogue, which will feature former Senator John Edwards.

The event will take place on Thursday, September 27, at 12:00 pm ET on the University of New Hampshire campus and will be moderated by MTV News Correspondents SuChin Pak and Gideon Yago along with Washington political reporter, Chris Cillizza. John McLaughlin and Geoffrey Garin will manage the real-time polling data and audience questions being submitted through MySpaceIM and

Viewers following the online dialogue will be able to respond to what a candidate says with a new widget powered by Flektor. Viewers will have access to a ratings meter to express their approval or disapproval of a candiate’s responses as they watch the dialogue live with instant results displayed on the screen. Poll results will be available online live during each event and archived for future viewing.

"We’re providing America’s youth with unprecedented access to the top presidential candidates by empowering them to ask live questions and respond with real time polling tools," said co-founder and CEO of MySpace, Chris DeWolfe.

"The integration of Flektor will add a new dimension of rapid response and at-home engagement – we can’t wait to see it all happen live and unfiltered."

Other presidential candidates scheduled to participate in the dialogue include Democrats Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Christopher Dodd and Bill Richardson. Republicans include Rudy Giuliani, Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Sam Brownback.