MySpace, Microsoft Announce Two New Deals

    March 30, 2009

People who are interested in the connections between Greek gods may get a kick out of this story.  MySpace and Microsoft have shaken hands over two different matters, establishing a powerful alliance but also creating a somewhat twisted corporate family tree. 

MySpace Logo

Let’s try to document the different existing relationships first.  In 2006, Google began to power MySpace’s search function.  In 2007, MySpace also joined Google’s OpenSocial developer initiative.  And on the other side of the equation, Microsoft gave $240 million in funding to Facebook.

Now, as a MySpace spokesperson explained in an email to WebProNews, "MySpace is building an integrated, mobile app for the next gen of Windows phones and will also allow MySpace developers to create engaging, custom OpenSocial apps using Silverlight."

So a wire or two definitely appears to have gotten crossed.  Nonetheless, this development sounds as if it’ll benefit Microsoft, MySpace, developers, and the average consumer.  Aber Whitcomb, MySpace’s CTO, stated, "Our relationship enables app developers to use Silverlight to create engaging MySpace apps and allows Windows Mobile users to have a more personal MySpace experience on their phone."

A discussion concerning betrayals and third cousins twice removed did not then follow.