MySpace Loses Founding Member Of UK Team

    June 8, 2009

MySpace’s first international hire is moving on.  Jay Stevens, who was one of the founding members of the MySpace UK team and more recently held the title "Senior Vice President of Audience," has left the social networking company for the advertising entity known as the Rubicon Project.

Jay Stevens

Stevens was on MySpace’s payroll for a little over three years, and his departure counts as a significant loss.  From a sort of symbolic standpoint, it must hurt MySpace to see him go considering the somewhat groundbreaking nature of his position.  The fact that MySpace brought him to L.A., where the Rubicon Project is based, is also bound to sting.

Anyway, Stevens is joining the Rubicon Project as Vice President and General Manager, International, and even if MySpace will miss him, the move sends positive signals about the online ad market.

Stevens said in a statement, "The Internet advertising industry is maturing and shifting to third party sales channels, and online advertising networks are becoming an increasingly prevalent and relevant part of the mix.  Display is on the upswing, brands are moving more money online, and publishers are looking for more efficient monetization strategies to squeeze as much revenue as possible from every last impression."

Meanwhile, MySpace is losing big-time to Facebook in the UK.